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With d.3ecm you can achieve sustainable organization of your company’s information and map more of your business processes to substantially improve transparency and employee satisfaction. d.3ecm provides you with innovative and state-of-the-art technologies for classifying, structuring and versioning information.Also, the integrated HTML5 technology and mobile apps for various operating systems give you a full range of options for accessing your information and processes.

Our focus is always on the benefits we can provide to you, the user.

d.3ecm is the central storage location for all of your company’s documents and information. It ensures long term availability information, while its digital dossier structure provides quick, clear overviews.d.3ecm uses digital workflows to automatically deliver tasks and information along a business process.

How exactly do we, or rather d.3ecm, do that?How does it record, digitize and organize your documents?How does it optimize your business processes? How does d.3ecm ensure seamless integration into your existing systems?

Features of d.3ecm:

Digitize information

Documents are produced in various ways and therefore take a wide variety of paths to the d.3ecm central document management system:

  • Printed documents from your business applications (for example, your ERP system)
  • Large quantities of paper documents/li>
  • Business-related e-mails requiring documentation
  • And much more…

These documents must be converted to a storage format with long-term stability or scanned and converted to PDF. Our products can help with these tasks and have enjoyed many years of use by successful companies. With d.cold, d.capture batch or d.classify, for example, you can easily record, classify and archive your documents.Secure and with long-term stability.

These tools – all from a single manufacturer – give you a powerful tool set for quickly and easily transferring documents to your d.3ecm document management system from any available source.

Prozesse digitalisieren

Structured workflows

A great number of business processes are not yet mapped by business software, leaving them to be handled manually or with rudimentary software.

We offer powerful tools to model your business processes and execute them directly.In addition to the process modeling level, you receive an innovative designer that lets you map user interfaces and application integrations as well as business policies. Our software helps you create reusable modules and company-wide business objects that let you map additional business processes with minimal effort.

The result is that you benefit from more transparency and higher service quality while also shortening cycles and lowering process costs.

Ad-hoc workflow

Some business processes are not yet mapped as structured workflows but still need to be executed quickly and transparently.

Even if you have not yet modeled a workflow for certain processes, you can still benefit from process digitization. The d.3ecm basis workflows let you define and allocate a sequence of tasks ad-hoc (e.g. for generating a quotation). You can also save these workflows as templates and reuse them.

Case management

SHave important business processes that cannot or can only partially be modeled, but you still want to successfully map them with software?

The d.3ecm case management software is the perfect tool for you.

Learn more

Seamless integration

The paths to your information and documents should be as short and easy as possible. With our products you can easily archive your e-mails, attachments and other documents by simply dragging and dropping them, or access d.3ecm directly from your Office application. Our mobile solution lets you access d.3ecm even when you are away from the desk. You can also display digital dossiers directly from your CRM or ERP system and save them there.
Standard interfaces are available to the following systems:

  • SAP
  • Microsoft CRM
  • Navision
  • Axapta
  • sage
  • infor
  • datev
  • wilken

No matter your current working environment, we offer the right user interface and access options for the d.3ecm company-wide document management system. Learn more about our individual integrations.

Even if you have custom software or are the last user of a legacy system:To serve as a comprehensive ECM platform within a company, the software must allow easy integration of all systems in the company. d.3ecm therefore offers flexible and easy-to-use interfaces and a range of customizing options.

d.3ecm – Digital dossiers

Digital dossiers

Digital dossiers combine documents and files (e.g. photos, films) that belong together.This way you can find all the information you need in a customer job dossier, a supplier order dossier, a personnel dossier, a contract dossier, or in case dossiers on insured persons.Of course there are also project or asset dossiers in all shapes and sizes (buildings, vehicles, machines, etc.).

You can use the d.3 dossier scheme to configure your digital dossiers as a company-wide content model which you can then readjust freely to your organization’s needs.Additional metadata can be added to dossiers and documents, e.g. job or personnel numbers, receipt dates, or the customer’s name.Simply drag and drop your e-mail onto the case dossier and the metadata will be populated automatically; all you need to do is confirm it.

Documents can be linked to any number of dossiers in the d.3 ECM suite without the need for multiple physical copies to exist. Digital dossiers offer enormous added value when the information is complete.That is why we put special emphasis on making the act of placing documents in the dossier as easy as possible.
Naturally, the entire content of such complete digital dossiers doesn’t need to be accessible to all users.You can use the authorization concept to specify exactly which users may access critical documents; at the same time you can specify that such documents may only be stored in one specific supplier dossier and nowhere else.

We offer preconfigured structures and dossier solutions for the various parts of your enterprise.Use this practical knowledge for your kickoff project.

d.3ecm – Secure archiving and research

Secure archiving and research

Audit compliance

Audit-compliant storage is required if you no longer want to hold on to paper documents or keep e-mails in your mailbox. We offer standard adapters to leading storage systems. Our Enterprise Content Management System d.3ecm is certified in accordance with the PS 880 standard on a regular basis.

Modern hard disk-based storage systems offer the same data reliability as optical storage media.

With the d.ecs storage manager, d.3ecm is equipped with standard adapters to more than a dozen of the leading storage systems, from Silent Cubes to NetApp. Metadata is stored in a leading SQL database while the cache is also stored in a high-performance in-memory DB, allowing quick and safe access. We offer different encryption options to guarantee secure communication between the back end and the clients.


Daily tasks require employees to access a wide variety of different information that is available in various forms. Locating and providing information is the central task of every information system. Users want to be able to retrieve relevant information in as few steps as possible.

d.3ecm offers comprehensive support during your research.Each document or dossier in d.3ecm contains a variety of relevant metadata. That metadata enables users to search specifically for structured information such as invoice numbers. In addition to searching through metadata, d.3ecm features the ability to search through file contents and metadata, similar to “Google”.

That option is especially useful for research through unstructured information. It also allows users who only use the system occasionally to reach their goal quickly. d.3ecm offers research suggestions to filter for relevant information. You might know this feature from online shops such as Amazon.

If you so desire, each document is located within a dossier structure so that the user can conveniently navigate through the structure to retrieve the information they need or just to get a general overview.  All items can be saved as favorites, rendering repetitive research of the same information obsolete. The research parameters can also be saved as templates; users may then repeat their research at a later time and possibly gain new information.

d.3ecm – Case management

Case management

Some processes result in a number of information and documents.Those include tasks as well as a result.However, that process is not rigid; we refer to such a process as a semi-structured business process – a so-called “case”.

Cases can be long-term, such as sales partner acquisition processes, product developments, set-up of a new location, or preparation of a large event.But they can also include short-term cases like a new customer request, a customer complaint, or a delivery inquiry for new materials.And of course there are also medium-term cases like tendering processes.

There are also cases outside of the industry, for instance hospitalizations, business registrations, or university enrollments.Incoming mail processing at an insurance company can also be viewed as a case where a certain case type is specified during processing (e.g. declaring a case as a rehab application in the context of a health insurance company).

You can organize your semi-structured business processes intelligently with d.3ecm case management.

d.3ecm version 8

See a live demo of d.3ecm version 8

d.3ecm version 8 takes your document management to the next level. Organize your business information in a sustainable way and map your business processes optimally. Achieve better transparency and accountability across your company.

With a no obligations demo, you’ll learn why over 7,000 customers rely on d.velop products and how you can also benefit from d.3ecm version 8.


I want to work with that.

Trends such as cloud computing, social networks, or mobile work change our demands and create new challenges – all the time. That is why versatility will become a key success factor for all sorts of businesses and organizations. That will require comprehensive digitization of business processes and specialized procedures. With d.3ecm, the complete technical, organizational and social knowledge of your company is easily accessible anywhere, at any time – and in many different ways. d.3ecm version 8 puts your benefit front and center.

Highlights of the new version

Browser-inspired search

Find your documents more quickly using the single search field.

Search result facets

Facets are used to narrow down the set of results. This allows users to limit search results more comfortably.

Modern user interface

The software design is more appealing and transparent through intuitive interfaces, including context-sensitive menus.

Quickly accessible company knowledge

Archive documents more easily with the drop zone’s drag-and-drop functionality.

Delegate administration

Select areas of administration can be made accessible using sub-administrator authorizations.

Import configurations easily

Use the transport system to simplify system administration and import changes at any time.

Overview of current events

Use the Activities stream to maintain an overview of document statuses.

Up-to-date technology

Simplify work processes and optimize process chains. Using modern technology. With d.3ecm version 8.

“For us, it was very important to be able to edit and share documents anywhere, at any time. With d.velop’s d.3ecm version 8, that works like a charm.“

Thomas Kloster,

Municipal administration Greven

User-based licensing

d.3ecm version 8 puts your benefit front and center. Introduce greater productivity, flexibility, and above all security into day-to-day handling of business documents. To achieve this, we revised the d.3ecm user concept and adapted it to three typical users.

d.3ecm user

d.velop offers different licenses for the d.3ecm system. Those are based on the usage behavior of your own employees. Depending on the functions they use, you can choose from users – S, – M, or – L.

Depending on the functions they use, you can choose from users – S, – M, or – L.
The d.3ecm user S stands for an occasional user, such as a storeman or a service clerk.

The d.3ecm user M stands for a standard user, for example an accounting clerk.

The d.3ecm user L is a power user, for instance a sales representative.

This differentiation provides you and your colleagues with the exact functions you need for your daily work.

Advantages at a glance

  • Simple and needs-oriented use of your ECM system
  • Keep an eye on the costs of your ECM system
  • Expand the functionality of your d.3ecm system
  • Workflow components and d.3one are included automatically
  • Work where it suits you best – thanks to mobile access

You are not using d.3ecm yet?

You are looking for a document management system that will sustainably optimize your document-based business and decision processes? Then d.3ecm offers you a custom tailored solution for your specific industry, company and department. It is the centralized, user-friendly information hub for digitizing and controlling analog processes and maintaining exact delivery of information. Not just in the office, but also while you’re on the move.

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You are already using d.3ecm?

You are already familiar with the advantages of your d.3ecm system, but are still using an older version?d.velop has further evolved the new version across multiple levels. You can expect a consistently improved experience for your users, thoroughly streamlined administration, as well as improvedsystem performance. Greater productivity, flexibility and safety for your company.

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  • Are there any interdependencies I need to keep in mind when upgrading to version 8?

    There are some interdependencies that should be observed to guarantee an optimal upgrade of your document management system. We have put those together in a checklist. Should you still have questions regarding your system, feel free to contact us.

  • What are the steps in the update scenario?

    In the first step, the d.3ecm server is updated once the required components have been identified and the version check is completed. The duration of the scenario depends on the size of your system. The system is available for productive use immediately after the update. The individual documents will then be updated asynchronously. That means that whenever a document is needed ad-hoc, it will be converted to the new version.

  • Can I switch to d.3ecm user during an update?

    You can of course change your license model during an update to version 8. It’s even the perfect time for that. Because in doing so you can make sure that your colleagues have the licenses they need while getting access to the latest version of the software.

  • What are the costs for an update to d.3ecm version 8?

    The costs depend on the system. The best option is to contact your sales partner through the d.velop competence network or fill out the contact form. This way you can make sure that the quotation is adjusted to your specific needs.Get in touch now.

OnPrem, hybrid or cloud — as you need it

Excited about version 8 and planning your update? But which deployment scenario to choose? Surely you are contemplating whether to keep your system on premises. Many customers have asked themselves the exact same question. Apart from the classic scenario, you can also outsource your storage, or switch directly to d.velop cloud. d.3ecm as cloud service

d.3ecm as a cloud service