d.3ecm – solutions for SAP

SAP solutions from d.velop

ECM integrated in SAP ERP

Our specially-developed products for SAP support a variety of SAP archiving and document management scenarios.

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  • Work comfortably in a familiar IT environment
  • Simple, centralized archiving
  • Access to all company information

d.3ecm – incoming invoice processing

Incoming invoice processing with d.3ecm

Two perfectly harmonized products

d.3ecm incoming invoice processing accompanies each and every incoming invoice and document throughout its entire life cycle: from scanning and automatic capture to objective invoice verification, approval and posting.

d.3ecm uses the d.3 invoice reader and d.3 invoicing workflow. Together, they ensure that your entire incoming invoice process is digitized and runs fully automated.

d.3 invoice reader

At everyone’s fingertips with just a click

Automatic invoice capturing reduces and simplifies incoming invoice processing. It ensures greater transparency and allows you to decrease costs, accelerate workflows, secure valuable cash discounts and give employees better access to information. d.3 invoice reader is an important component for professional incoming invoice processing with d.3ecm by d.velop.

d.3 invoicing workflow

Digital and automated invoice processing

d.3 invoicing workflow digitizes and automates manual processes in incoming invoice processing. This ensures absolute transparency in invoice processing and quicker processing of routine tasks, allowing you to decrease costs, secure valuable cash discounts and give employees better access to information.

d.3one in email clients

Upgrade your email client to an ECM platform

d.3one seamlessly integrates into email clients

d.3one lets you use processes, forms and cases that you defined centrally in d.3ecm throughout your company directly from your email client. Tasks and information that are supplied for users through digital workflows are processed directly without changing application. You have immediate access to all your information at all times, no matter which application was used to create it. That means, for instance, that you can also access emails that you save with d.3one from any other application.

d.3one actively supports your work and suggests, for example, which digital dossier you should use to save your email. d.3one uses the email content to identify the likely storage location. It uses the same method to supply you with the right information you need to process the email. You can also open third-party systems directly within the email. For instance, you can change a transaction in your ERP system directly when you receive an email with an order quantity adjustment.

d.3one integrates into all the supported email systems just as effectively and provides the same functions throughout. d.3one is a single development that can integrate everywhere. That fact is reflected once again during data storage. Regardless of the email system, d.3one stores your emails in a standardized format. If you are operating two email systems in parallel in your company, you can continue to alternate between emails. If you are due to change your email system, you can simply continue to use the data archived in the d.3ecm system without migrating it.

Try d.3one email integration from d.velop. You, too, will be impressed.

d.3one email integration

d.3one integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Outlook

d.3one in Microsoft Outlook

d.3one integrates into your Microsoft Outlook client. Access your tasks and messages easily, directly from your email client.

You can access centrally stored documents and information in the d.3ecm system directly from Microsoft Outlook with d.3one. That is, directly from where the vast majority of your communication takes place: in your email client. Search for information about business cases directly in Microsoft Outlook, use digital dossiers as storage locations, or simply store emails or individual attachments centrally using drag & drop to make your information available to everyone.
Take part in company-wide business processes directly from your familiar Microsoft Outlook user interface. Make immediate decisions about an investment application from a new employee or approve an invoice without ever leaving Outlook. Edit your emails with speed and simplicity without losing context or changing application.

d.3one technically integrated

d.3one integrates smoothly into your Microsoft infrastructure. The whole business logic runs centrally in d.3ecm. Just one small add-in is distributed to the Microsoft Outlook clients, and it is added to the right sidebar. The distribution is based on Microsoft standards. The user can work with d.3one immediately after the installation, and does not need to configure the system. Access to Microsoft Outlook/Exchange objects is handled by the central server through the Microsoft Exchange server, which relieves the load on the Microsoft Outlook client.

d.3one integrates seamlessly into IBM Notes

Turn your IBM Notes into an ECM client. Simply integrate d.3one into IBM Notes and let users access your company’s knowledge without ever leaving Notes.
d.3ecm gives you more autonomy and helps to create added value in IBM Notes. Increase the enthusiasm for your IBM collaboration platform and seamlessly integrate your company knowledge and processes. No matter how you develop your IT infrastructure in the coming years: whether you add IBM Notes or IBM Connections or you wish to switch to IBM Verse or Microsoft Exchange, the processes and documents in the d.3ecm system stay the same. Wherever we integrate, the behavior of d.3one never changes. The user never has to readjust.
Our data format also gives you greater autonomy. For instance, you can display and restore archived emails from IBM Notes/Domino directly in Microsoft Outlook without converting them.

d.3one technically integrated

d.3one integrates smoothly into your IBM Notes infrastructure. The whole business logic runs centrally in d.3ecm. Just one small widget is distributed to the IBM Notes clients, which is added to the right sidebar. The distribution is based on IBM Domino standards. We always observe standards in this regard and use them consistently. Update problems are therefore never an issue. For instance, you then do not have to make adjustments to your mail templates. The user can work with d.3one immediately after the installation, and does not need to configure the system. Access to IBM Notes/Domino objects is handled by d.3ecm through a small service within IBM Domino, which relieves the load on the IBM Notes client.

IBM Partner

d.3one in IBM Notes
d.3one integrates with your IBM Notes client. Access your tasks and messages easily, directly from your email client


Enterprise content management with d.velop – find and combine information easily, link it to knowledge and share it throughout the company.

d.3one – knowledge. easily. available.

With d.3one, you can access and edit documents, digital file folders and processes in your d.3ecm system quickly and simply through your browser. Whether you are using digital file folders, project documents or tasks in business processes: d.3one gives you direct access to your information wherever you need it. You can combine information and then share knowledge with others easily. d.3one effectively supports you in your work and is indiscernible as an additional software solution or client. The software not only smoothly integrates into your workflow, but also into your main business applications. You barely notice d.3one at all. The result is that d.3one becomes a fundamental part of your daily work – indispensable.

d.3ecm – integrated enterprise content management

d.3ecm is the secure, central storage location for all your company or organization’s information, documents and business processes. d.3ecm ensures the long-term availability of information, while its digital dossier structure provides quick, clear visibility.


With digital workflows, d.3ecm automatically supplies the tasks and information throughout your business process. d.3ecm makes sure all of the technical, organizational and social knowledge in your company is accessible in a simple way and can be used in various forms – anytime, anywhere.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Store and share knowledge simply and securely throughout your company
  • Easy to install
  • Central configuration
  • Get work done wherever it accrues
  • Only the functions required for a particular job are made
  • Very little training time and effort

End users

  • Access to all information
  • No need to change applications
  • No overhead – the only functions available are the ones needed for the current activity
  • Efficient work
  • No additional client required


  • Easy to install
  • Minimal, centralized configuration
  • Scalability
  • Can be integrated into your own specialist applications in minutes

Decision makers

  • Very little training time and effort
  • Satisfied employees
  • Information is available company-wide
  • Processes comprehensively integrated with applications
  • Process optimization

d.3one – simple, fast and transparent

d.3one lets you…

  • find documents, dossiers and information quickly and easily, keeping you fully up to date with your case at all times.
  • … complete tasks quickly. A clearly organized and easy-to-operate user interface ensures that you can check off your to-do lists immediately.
  • … start business processes and digital workflows directly – for instance, when you start your vacation.
  • save documents and information securely and quickly directly from d.3ecm.
  • share your knowledge – because information is supplied centrally in d.3ecm and can be used throughout the company.
  • … keep favorites close at hand at all times. That lets you keep important cases and information in focus throughout.

 d.3one: one application – available everywhere

d.3one solutions

d.3one weaves ECM with the same look and feel directly into the applications that you use every day.

seamlessly. integrated.

d.3one is more than just a d.velop product. It is a philosophy with the guiding principle of user benefit. Find, share and work on information easily – with d.3one, users always have the same user experience, no matter which application they are working with, be that Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, IBM Notes or simply the web browser. ECM then quickly becomes an indispensable part of their daily work.

Integration possibilities

  • HTML 5 Browser integration
  • IBM Notes
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Office
  • and much more

simple. available.

d.3one integrates seamlessly with all your applications. With d.3one, you choose exactly where to use digital file folders, workflows and your digital archive. Naturally, they are best used everywhere, because that is the only way to fully utilize the benefits of integrated ECM. simple. modular.

d.3one browser

d.3one integrated in your browser

ECM integrates into your daily business. As the user, you take center-stage.

d.ecs architecture.

simple. modular.

d.3one is based on cutting-edge new software architecture. The d.ecs architecture makes it extremely easy to add modular features and create new added values. As a result, d.3one is also well equipped to deal with future challenges. You can identify products that are based on the d.ecs architecture by the d.ecs architecture inside quality seal. Partner and customer solutions that use this innovative architecture also receive this label.

Other products based on d.ecs architecture

  • d.3 sync for local synchronization of dossiers and
    documents from d.3ecm

Email archiving

Email archiving with d.3ecm

Legally compliant archiving – an important step towards digitization

Overflowing email inboxes are common in many companies. The floods of sent emails and information within them continue to rise. For many employees, it is often no longer possible to archive these emails effectively alongside their daily work. The result: efficient collaboration between colleagues and departments is sometimes hindered. Information remains hidden in inboxes, masses of email attachments block systems and documents in mailboxes are never found. To many, archiving emails every day is too laborious and time consuming.
There are even legal regulations, such as GoBD, that govern how to securely store emails. In the worst case scenario, there may be legal consequences for IT managers if requirements concerning the storage and archiving of emails are not adhered to.

The dbs | mailbox archiver solution from d.velop

dbs | mailbox archiver supports you with continuous email archiving. It lets you map all your crucial requirements for compliance, accountability, preservation of evidence, legal regulations for email storage, and more. Emails and the knowledge contained within them can be used directly and allocated to their applicable cases or dossiers. That allows you to store all your communications with a customer directly in a suitable digital dossier. You can also store any other information from third-party systems such as your ERP system, which means all your complete dossiers and cases are available at all times.

dbs | mailbox archiver: Your benefits in brief

Integration into your digital business environment

Emails that have been archived through journaling can be integrated into the appropriate digital dossiers at any time, if you so wish. Naturally, you can also store journal emails in a standalone repository. The choice is yours.

A solution for all environments

d.velop offers a solution for both the IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange email systems. If, for instance, you initially use IBM Domino for journal archiving and then switch to Microsoft Exchange in 3 years, you can still use the same solution.

Streamlined storage format

The dbs | mailbox archiver solution compresses documents in an audit compliant format when saving emails. The system also ensures that identical emails are only stored once by performing a duplicate check each time they are stored.

Simple configuration

In the simple, web-based configuration interface, you only have to enter the most important values.

Central monitoring

The system keeps you continuously informed about ongoing processes. Information messages are displayed proactively. You can also view the system status at all times.

Cloud support

Processing and archiving is easy to do online with Microsoft Exchange.

dbs mailbox archiver statistics

The dbs | mailbox archiver statistic overview displays all the tasks to be processed at a glance.


dbs mailbox archiver scaling

The dbs | mailbox archiver system architecture is simple to scale.

  • Email archiving in compliance with legal and audit requirements
  • Conforms to legal regulations
  • Valuable company knowledge is centrally accessible
  • Automatically allocates emails to dossiers and cases
  • Frees up the mail server
  • Does not burden users
  • Easy to enhance with other solutions (case management, invoice processing, etc.)

Enhanceable modular design

The scope of functions of the solution can be modularly enhanced and customized by combining it with other d.3ecm solutions such as  d.3one. Nowadays, business-related emails are vital to decision-making, and they can be seamlessly integrated into your everyday business with d.3one.

d.3one in Office applications

Upgrade your Office application to an ECM platform

d.3one integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office

Make your Microsoft Office environment the central platform for your information and processes. Access information, documents and dossiers in d.3ecm from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint directly in d.3one. You can process workflow tasks straight from the application and simply save the documents back to d.3ecm immediately.

 d.3one in Office applications

Process digital workflows directly with d.3one

d.3one in Microsoft Word

Integrate d.3one into your Microsoft Office solution. d.3one makes it easy for you to find templates that are stored centrally in the d.3ecm system and access them directly from Microsoft Word.

Handling tasks in business processes is part of your daily work. To ensure business processes run smoothly, it is vital to process tasks quickly, simply and directly. When you are working on correspondence (e.g. in Microsoft Word), you don’t want to open yet another application to see whether you need to approve something in a process, for instance.

You can just do so directly from the program in which you’re working. Open the task in Microsoft Word, complete the process immediately and get on with your work.

And if you suddenly realise that you have to propose yet another investment application while writing your correspondence, then naturally you can do that from Microsoft Word, too.

d.3ecm – classification

Classification with d.3ecm

Simplify and automate your processes with d.classify

For many companies, the costs of sorting, assigning and processing daily correspondence are practically immeasurable. d.classify lets you reduce these expenses considerably.

The latest version, d.classify 3.0, allows you to optimize your inbox, analyzes and classifies your documents and extracts all the important information. It accelerates and improves your document indexing processes: permanently and comprehensively. The use of d.classify 3.0 lets you relieve staff of monotone, error-strewn activities. Specialist staff should be available for specialist tasks. d.classify 3.0 takes care of everything else.

Simple attribution

d.classify does not just determine the document classes, but also properties such as customer names, customer numbers, date information and other capturable characteristics. Properties can be verified against a master data database (such as a customer master). Naturally, they can also be subjected to a plausibility check, for instance, by checking address plausibility or integrating check digit procedures or freely implementable logic checks. Content classification and rules-based classification can be combined with the flexibility to meet your needs.

d.classify 3.0 features

  • All the important classification methods integrated in one product
  • Automatic classification of structured, semi-structured and unstructured information
  • Automatic property extraction
  • High detection quality thanks to error-tolerant master data comparisons
  • The open interfaces are ideal for enhancing classification and validation methods
  • OMR/ICR recognition

d.3 mobile

Integration with mobile devices with d.3ecm

Mobile ECM with d.3 mobile

Do operational decision-making processes have to come to a halt

just because you are not sitting at your office PC? With d.3 mobile, that won’t be an issue for you. d.3 mobile means professional document management and participation in the usual d.3ecm workflows, even while on the road. Fast, flexible, simple and efficient!

The office for the road

d.3ecm has been the established standard solution for handling your digital data and documents for years now. But what do you do when you’re not at the office and still need access to your documents? No problem. Make decisions even when you are not at the office – not from the gut, but with all the relevant information as a basis.

Ideal for any target group

d.3 mobile is ideal for management boards, sales staff, service providers, customer support staff and project managers. Or simply put, for everyone who accesses their operational documents on the move and participates in workflow-controlled business processes like checking and approving invoices or processing leave applications.


  • Comprehensive access to information, even on the move
  • Search your d.3ecm company archive on mobile devices
  • Start and participate in workflows using a smartphone or tablet PC
  • Intuitive document viewing
  • Archiving directly from other apps in your d.3ecm

d.3ecm – scanning

Scanning with d.3ecm

Our proven scanning application

d.capture batch

Every day, masses of documents, invoices and delivery notes arrive in your company that have to be manually processed and distributed throughout your company in laborious and time-consuming processes.

d.capture batch lets you scan, record and archive your document piles quickly and easily, and accurately assign every single document to the responsible staff members. d.capture batch is the perfect scanning solution for capturing and archiving all the paper-based information that comes into your company.

Central capture

d.capture batch captures all your documents centrally so that they can then be electronically archived and distributed with speed and simplicity, avoiding lost documents and shortening transit times. Naturally, scanning scenarios such as early or late capture are also supported.

d.capture batch has a modular design and processes scanning documents in batches. It uses “batch classes” to define a processing chain for documents of the same type (invoices, delivery notes, and so on) that determines which modules are to be used in which order to process the batch.

Features d.capture batch

  • Context-based menu
  • Comprehensive Unicode capability
  • Support for multistreaming
  • Create searchable PDF documents
  • Contemporary user interface design
  • User administration and rights assignment, including, for instance, scanning and indexing modules for different locations, groups and users

d.3ecm – e-mail management

Legally secure e-mail management with d.3ecm

Much more than just archiving

E-mail management with d.3ecm is much more than just a legally secure archive for your electronic post. The content of business-related messages and attachments is captured and stored centrally and securely in a legally compliant way. Everything is transaction-based and clearly organized in digital dossiers. From there, your content can be accessed by staff at any time and integrated into your overarching business processes, providing greater transparency and traceability amidst the chaos of your e-mails.

You can archive all your e-mails or just specific inbound and outbound mail in d.3ecm. Using  direct and indirect e-mail properties, d.3ecm can assign your e-mails to digital dossiers.

Make e-mail more relevant than ever with d.3one

Nowadays, over 80% of all business-related correspondence occurs through e-mail. Handling this enormous quantity of information with intelligence and efficiency is vital to your professional success. As a module, d.3one from d.velop can integrate seamlessly into your e-mail client.

Integration into your e-mail client

sol-ibm device

d.3ecm von d.velop

sustainable. smart. innovative.

With d.3ecm you can achieve sustainable organization of your company’s information and map more of your business processes to substantially improve transparency and employee satisfaction. d.3ecm provides you with innovative and state-of-the-art technologies for classifying, structuring and versioning information.Also, the integrated HTML5 technology and mobile apps for various operating systems give you a full range of options for accessing your information and processes.

Our focus is always on the benefits we can provide to you, the user.

d.3ecm is the central storage location for all of your company’s documents and information. It ensures long term availability information, while its digital dossier structure provides quick, clear overviews.d.3ecm uses digital workflows to automatically deliver tasks and information along a business process.

How exactly do we, or rather d.3ecm, do that?How does it record, digitize and organize your documents?How does it optimize your business processes? How does d.3ecm ensure seamless integration into your existing systems?

Features of d.3ecm:

Digitize information

Documents are produced in various ways and therefore take a wide variety of paths to the d.3ecm central document management system:

  • Printed documents from your business applications (for example, your ERP system)
  • Large quantities of paper documents/li>
  • Business-related e-mails requiring documentation
  • And much more…

These documents must be converted to a storage format with long-term stability or scanned and converted to PDF. Our products can help with these tasks and have enjoyed many years of use by successful companies. With d.cold, d.capture batch or d.classify, for example, you can easily record, classify and archive your documents.Secure and with long-term stability.

These tools – all from a single manufacturer – give you a powerful tool set for quickly and easily transferring documents to your d.3ecm document management system from any available source.

knowledge. easily. available.

What is the best and easiest way to find and compile, process and complement information that belongs together?

Digitize processes

Structured workflows

A great number of business processes are not yet mapped by business software, leaving them to be handled manually or with rudimentary software.

We offer powerful tools to model your business processes and execute them directly.In addition to the process modeling level, you receive an innovative designer that lets you map user interfaces and application integrations as well as business policies. Our software helps you create reusable modules and company-wide business objects that let you map additional business processes with minimal effort.

The result is that you benefit from more transparency and higher service quality while also shortening cycles and lowering process costs.

Ad-hoc workflow

Some business processes are not yet mapped as structured workflows but still need to be executed quickly and transparently.

Even if you have not yet modeled a workflow for certain processes, you can still benefit from process digitization. The d.3ecm basis workflows let you define and allocate a sequence of tasks ad-hoc (e.g. for generating a quotation). You can also save these workflows as templates and reuse them.

Case management

SHave important business processes that cannot or can only partially be modeled, but you still want to successfully map them with software?

The d.3ecm case management software is the perfect tool for you.

Learn more

Seamless integration

The paths to your information and documents should be as short and easy as possible. With our products you can easily archive your e-mails, attachments and other documents by simply dragging and dropping them, or access d.3ecm directly from your Office application. Our mobile solution lets you access d.3ecm even when you are away from the desk. You can also display digital dossiers directly from your CRM or ERP system and save them there.
Standard interfaces are available to the following systems:

  • SAP
  • Microsoft CRM
  • Navision
  • Axapta
  • sage
  • infor
  • datev
  • wilken

No matter your current working environment, we offer the right user interface and access options for the d.3ecm company-wide document management system. Learn more about our individual integrations.

Even if you have custom software or are the last user of a legacy system:To serve as a comprehensive ECM platform within a company, the software must allow easy integration of all systems in the company. d.3ecm therefore offers flexible and easy-to-use interfaces and a range of customizing options.

d.3ecm – Digital dossiers

Digital dossiers

Digital dossiers combine documents and files (e.g. photos, films) that, by virtue of their function, belong together. As a result, you can find all the information you need in a customer order dossier, a purchase order dossier, a personnel dossier, a contract dossier, or in case dossiers for insured persons. Additionally, there are also project or asset dossiers of various types (buildings, vehicles, machines, etc.).

You can use the d.3 dossier scheme to configure your digital dossiers as a company-wide content model which you can then fine tune according to your organization’s needs. Additional metadata can be added to dossiers and documents, e.g. customer order or personnel numbers, receipt dates, or the customer’s name. Simply drag and drop your email onto the case dossier and the metadata will be populated automatically; all you need to do is confirm it.

Documents can be linked to any number of dossiers in the d.3 ECM suite without storing multiple physical copies of those documents. Digital dossiers offer their maximum benefit when they are kept up to date with all of the necessary information. That is why we ensure that is as easy as possible to add documents to a dossier.

Having this plethora of information readily available in digital dossiers does not mean that all of that information is necessarily intended for all users. You can use the authorization concept to specify exactly which users can access critical documents. Granular access rights ensure that only one copy of a document needs to be stored (rather than storing multiple copies for different user groups).

We have preconfigured structures and dossier solutions available to suit your organization’s needs. Use our experience to kick start your first project.

d.3ecm – Secure archiving and search

Secure archiving and search

Audit compliance

Audit-compliant storage is required if you no longer want to store original paper documents or keep e-mails in your mailbox. We offer standard adapters to leading storage systems. Our Enterprise Content Management System d.3ecm is certified in accordance with the PS 880 standard on a regular basis.

Modern hard disk-based storage systems offer the same write-protection as optical storage media.

With the d.ecs storage manager, d.3ecm is equipped with standard adapters to more than a dozen of the leading storage systems, from Silent Cubes to NetApp. Metadata is stored in a leading SQL database while the cache is also stored in a high-performance in-memory DB, allowing quick and safe access. We offer different encryption options to guarantee secure communication between the back end and the clients.


Daily tasks require employees to access a wide variety of information that is available in various forms. Locating and providing information is the central task of every information system. Users want to be able to retrieve relevant information as efficiently as possible.

d.3ecm helps you search for information in numerous ways. Each document or dossier in d.3ecm has been assigned a variety of relevant metadata. That metadata enables users to search specifically for structured information such as invoice numbers. In addition to searching through metadata, d.3ecm features the ability to search through file contents and metadata, similar to searching on “Google”.

That option is especially useful for searching through unstructured information. It also allows users who only use the system occasionally to quickly find what they are looking for. d.3ecm offers search suggestions to filter for relevant information. You may be familiar with this feature from online shops such as Amazon.

If you so desire, each document is located within a dossier structure so that the user can conveniently navigate through the structure to retrieve the information they need or just to get a general overview. All items can be saved as favorites, rendering repetitive searches for the same information obsolete. The search parameters can also be saved as templates; users may then repeat their search at a later time and possibly gain new information.

d.3one in NAV – ERP

Your job – our mission:
consistent work in the leading Dynamics NAV/AX system

We listened and understood: as an ERP user, you work quickly and efficiently in your leading Dynamics NAV/AX system. You need to view information about existing documents here within the context of your current process. That means less research effort and higher-quality information, and gives you the freedom to focus on the tasks that are really important.

We integrate our tools into different applications such as Outlook or Dynamics NAV/AX and prepare documents that were archived previously in the form of dossier structures fully automatically. Our web-based integration interface also ensures that information is displayed in the same consistent way in all systems. That means that users across the company have access to the same transparent information. It provides an excellent basis for using the storage of documents (quotations, for example) to trigger processes such as approvals, for instance.

It’s that simple

An example:

  • During printing in Dynamics NAV/AX, documents and metadata are transferred to the archiving system in the background.
  • Dossier structures are created or updated and full-text indexing is performed automatically.
  • If documents have already been stored by other users, they can be viewed directly from Dynamics NAV/AX.
  • You can view all dossier content directly from Dynamics NAV/AX.
  • Any additional documents can easily be added to existing dossiers using drag & drop.

d3ecm document display search result and document

Furthermore: with d.3 mobile, you can also view all your information (in sales, for instance) while on the move.

Optimized incoming invoice processes

The integration of d.3ecm into Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX is a d.link product and provides the perfect basis for optimizing incoming invoice processes in your company and reducing your process costs.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer you everything from one single source:

Optimized incoming invoice processes with d.3ecm for NAV/AX

Freedom for employees:

  • Reduced transport routes thanks to central data storage
  • Reduction in manual entries
  • Complete information objects thanks to fully automatic dossier generation
  • Less effort for research

Our integration solution motivates:

  • Work in the familiar Dynamics NAV/AX environment without leaving the application
  • No need to get used to additional user interfaces – every user in the company works with the same web-based ECM user interface
  • The perfect conditions for optimizing other processes, such as incoming invoice processing

d.3ecm – Case management

Case management

Many business processes cannot be rigidly defined but do have clearly definable tasks and results. In the course of those semi-structured processes, information is gathered and documents are created that together comprise the “case” being processed.

Some cases are processed over an extended period of time, such as the acquisition of sales partners, product development or preparation of a large event. But others are short-term cases like a customer request, a customer complaint, or a delivery request for additional materials. And, of course, there cases that fall in between, like tendering processes.

Case management is also relevant for procedures in fields other than business and industry. For example, registration of new patients at a hospital, registration of a new business at a local authority, enrolment of new students at university.

Case management can also be applied to incoming mail processing at an insurance company where a certain case type is specified during processing (e.g. declaring a case as a rehab application in the context of a health insurance company).

Use d.3ecm case management to effectively organize your semi-structured business processes!

d.3ecm version 8

Request a free demo!

d.3ecm version 8 takes your document management to the next level. Fundamentally reorganize your business information and optimize your business processes. Make critical business information readily available across your enterprise, empowering employees throughout your organization.

Learn why over 7,500 customers rely on d.velop products and how you can benefit from d.3ecm version 8.


My new workplace!

Trends such as cloud computing, social networks, or the mobile workplace constantly change our expectations and create new challenges. Versatility is a key success factor for businesses and organizations. Achieving it will require the comprehensive digitization of business processes and administrative procedures. d.3ecm ensures that your organization’s technical, organizational and social knowledge base is readily available 24/7. Access that knowledge via multiple channels and use it in numerous, creative ways. d.3ecm version 8 is designed to put your needs front and center.

Highlights of the new version

Google inspired search

Find your documents more quickly using the single search field.

Faceted search

Facets are a comfortable and quick way of narrowing down the set of a search’s results. Facets are automatically generated search criteria based on the attributes of an object.

Modern user interface

The software design is more appealing and manageable through intuitive interfaces, including context-sensitive menus.

Quickly accessible company knowledge

Archive documents more easily with the drop zone’s drag-and-drop functionality.

Delegate administrative tasks

Assign designated aspects of d.3 system administration to sub-administrators.

Easily import configurations

Use the transport system to simplify system administration and import changes at any time.

Monitor document status

Use the activities stream to stay up to date on changes to documents.

Stay up to date

Simplify business processes and optimize process chains using modern technology. With d.3ecm version 8.

“Our goal was to be able to be edit and share our documents anywhere and anytime. d.3ecm version 8 works like a charm.“

Thomas Kloster,

Municipal administration Greven

User-based licensing

d.3ecm version 8 puts your benefit front and center. Introduce greater productivity, flexibility, and above all security into day-to-day handling of business documents. To achieve this, we revised the d.3ecm user concept and adapted it to three typical types of user.

d.3ecm user licenses

d.velop offers different license types for the d.3ecm system that are based on your employees’ needs.

Depending on the functions they require, you can choose the license type user S, user M or user L.
The d.3ecm user S is intended for occasional users, such as stock room employees or service technicians.

The d.3ecm user M is intended for regular users, such as accounting clerks.

The d.3ecm user L is intended for power users, such as sales representatives.

This differentiation in license types ensures that you can tailor your license base to the functionality actually required by your users.

Advantages at a glance

  • Simplified use of your ECM system based on your users’ requirements
  • Keep an eye on the costs of your ECM system
  • Expand the functionality of your d.3ecm system
  • Workflow components and d.3one are included automatically
  • Work where it suits you best – thanks to mobile access

You are not using d.3ecm yet?

Are you looking for a document management system that will effectively optimize your document-based business and decision-making processes? Look no further: d.3ecm offers you a solution tailored to your specific industry, company and department. It is the centralized, user-friendly information hub for digitizing analog processes and restructuring and steering those processes so as to deliver information when and where it is needed – in the office or on the move.

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Are you already a d.3ecm user?

You are already familiar with the advantages of your d.3ecm system, but are still using an older version?d.velop has further evolved the new version across multiple levels. You can expect a consistently improved user experience, a further simplification of the system administration, as well as an improvementin system performance. Take an effective step to ensure greater productivity, flexibility and security for your company.

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d.3ecm version 8 – My new workplace!

Are you ready for your update?

You can download all the information you need for a quick and easy upgrade to version 8.



  • Are there any interdependencies I need to keep in mind when upgrading to version 8?

    There are some interdependencies that should be observed to guarantee an optimal upgrade of your document management system. We have put those together in a checklist. Should you still have questions regarding your system, feel free to contact us.

  • What are the steps in the update scenario?

    In the first step, the d.3ecm server is updated once the required components have been identified and the version check is completed. The duration of the scenario depends on the size of your system. The system is available for productive use immediately after the update. The individual documents will then be updated asynchronously. That means that whenever a document is needed ad-hoc, it will be converted to the new version.

  • Can I switch to d.3ecm user during an update?

    It goes without saying that you can change your license model during an update to version 8. In fact, it’s the perfect time to do so. In doing so, you ensure that your colleagues have the licenses they need while getting access to the latest version of the software.

  • What are the costs for an update to d.3ecm version 8?

    The costs vary from system to system. The best option is to contact your sales partner in the d.velop competence network or to fill out the contact form. This will guarantee that you receive a customized quotation fitted to your specific needs. Get in touch now.Get in touch now.

OnPrem, hybrid or cloud — as you require

Excited about version 8 and planning your update? Which deployment scenario is right for you? You may well be contemplating whether to keep your system on premises or not. Many of our customers have asked themselves the exact same question. Apart from the classic onprem scenario, you can chose to outsource your storage, or switch directly to d.velop cloud.

d.3ecm as a cloud service