d.velop’s solutions have been awarded multiple certifications

Certified ECM solutions.

Many companies process, save and document sensitive data.It is important when doing so to adhere to the many different guidelines, regulations and compliance rules.ECM solutions from d.velop help you adhere to these requirements.

Because legal requirements are subject to constant change, essential processes used by your company or organization are likewise going to change.Thanks to their flexibility and scalability, d.velop’s solutions ensure that, even when there are regulatory changes, you always operate under the most current regulatory guidelines.

Certificates and solutions

d.velop’s solutions have received many different certifications and are constantly audited to ensure that they satisfy all the most current regulatory requirements.


IDW PS 880

This certificate applies to business documents and certifies that the documentation, processing and storage of these documents adheres to IDW Standard 880 in Germany.This auditing standard from the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany is the foundation for the “Issuance of Software Certifications” by independent auditors.The international review is based on ISAE 3000.

The following solutions are certified in accordance with IDW Standard 880/ISAE 3000: d.3ecm, ecspand and d.ecs storage manager. foxdox also has an IDW Standard 880 certification.Recertification takes place with every major and minor release.

The equivalent solution for e-mail archiving is performed in accordance with RFC 822 and RFC 2048.The BS-HCS 6.20 – HTTP Content Server 6.20 and BC-AL 6.20 SAP certifications are also applicable.

IDW PS 880

In addition, certified systems operate in accordance with the following guidelines and standards:

  • Basel II
  • SOX
  • ISO 14721/17421
  • ISO 15489-1 und Part 2
  • ISO 82045
  • ISO 10166 und

eGovernment requirements

Adhering to legal requirements is especially important in the field of eGovernment.The security of sensitive data and error-free documentation of relevant information must be ensured.That is why d.velop’s document management solutions support TR-RESISCAN.If you wish to process and scan documents according to TR-RESISCAN as well as archive encrypted documents in accordance with TR-ESOR, you can use d.velop’s d.ecs storage manager solution.It supports the TR-ESOR system Governikus LZA.We are also planning interfaces with all eIDAS trust services, which ensures your work remains in accordance with eIDAS in the future.

Compliance in the healthcare system

Apart from eGoverment, healthcare is another field which requires strict adherence to legal requirements.In this industry, IHE profiles are especially important when processing documents.The d.3ecm enterprise content management system from d.velop has therefore been tested in accordance with the following IHE profiles.

  • Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS)
  • Consistent Time und
  • Audit Trail and Nord Authentication (ATNA)

This means d.3ecm satisfies EU regulations for Switzerland and Austria.


If properly configured, d.3ecm operates in conformity with various guidelines.In addition, d.velop includes documentation for the procedures that are used.

dbs | invoice reader:

      • GoBD

d.3ecm incoming invoice processing:

        • GoBD
        • GoBS and
        • GDPdU

d.3 encryption service:

      • PCI DSS

This method is especially relevant in the credit card business.Companies using d.3 encryption service also qualify for PCI DSS certification by using that solution.Thus using d.velop’s solutions not only drives the optimization of your processes, but also strengthens your company’s market position.

Laws and regulations

d.velop’s products and solutions satisfy requirements for the following laws and regulations:

  • German Tax Code (“Abgabeordnung”) – §14 Regulations for the retention of documents (“Ordnungsvorschriften für die Aufbewahrung von Unterlagen”)
  • German Tax Code (“Abgabeordnung”) – §14 Regulations for the retention of documents (“Ordnungsvorschriften für die Aufbewahrung von Unterlagen”)
  • German Commercial Code (“HGB”) – §257 Retention of documents (“Aufbewahrung von Unterlagen”)
  • GoBD
  • SRVwV
  • BDSG
The signature solutions are in accordance with:

  • SigV
  • SigG
  • eIDAS
  • The d.3ecm enterprise content management system adheres to the e-health law, EGovG, and supports electronic invoicing in compliance with the EU directive on “electronic invoicing 2014/55/EU”.The German ZUGFeRD format and EDI is supported by the product dbs | invoice reader.

Company audits

Choosing a d.velop solutions means choosing reliable products that are in compliance with the relevant regulations – d.velop as a company faces regular audits by customers as well as institutions.  In addition to that, d.velop has introduced an energy management system in compliance with DIN EN ISO 50001.The company also stages regular internal audits by it’s own quality manager.Last but not least, d.velop is a member of the German UPA, the professional association of German Usability and User Experience Professionals.

Certificates at a glance

  • IDW PS 880
  • GoBD
  • ISO50001