Mission Statement

The d.velop Group strongly believes that the long-term success of companies and organizations of any kind decisively depends on their ability to access and share their entire technological, organizational and social know-how with ease – in the required format and anywhere internally or externally.

We offer our customers invaluable tools for the comprehensive digitizing of all relevant business processes and specialist procedures true to our motto: sustainable. smart. innovative.


d.velop believes in thinking ahead and acting accordingly. We therefore forge close and truly cooperative ties with our customers, partners and employees to build a firm and reliable foundation for embracing the future.


d.velop’s portfolio comprises highly efficient, user-specific solutions that combine minimum complexity and maximum functionality. Our products ensure simple, clear information and document processes that bring outstanding productivity to our customers’ daily workflows.


To make this high level of efficiency possible, d.velop bases each and every project on a refined process definition aligned to provide maximum performance and mobility for IT landscapes that operate a large number of information systems.

The words sustainable, smart and innovative thus describe the philosophy of d.velop and our global network of highly competent partners; they build the foundation of the present and future success of ourselves and as well as our customers. And this success does not depend on size; performance is all that counts. For us, this means utmost dedication and the constant quest for perfection.

We are d.velop.

It all Starts with Taking Responsibility

Facts Vorstand

Fruitful cooperation is only possible if all players act responsibly, down from each single employee to the business as a whole. Responsibility is at the center of d.velop’s corporate philosophy. We are not dogmatic, but we do believe in having strong principles. This is what makes us stand out – and it is also what makes us successful.

The principle d.velop