Code of Conduct

The d.velop Group is always aware of its responsibility toward its business partners, customers and its own employees. This sense of responsibility includes both adherence to ethical values and strict compliance with legal regulations and internal company guidelines. Our Code of Conduct summarizes how these obligations affect our work at all levels in the Group and the resulting requirements for the behavior of each individual.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to inform the managers and employees of the companies in the d.velop Group – as well as the managers and employees of customers and business partners of the companies in the d.velop Group – about the obligation to adhere to applicable rules of conduct and action. Legal regulations and internal company guidelines require the company, among other things, to refrain from criminal behavior, such as offering or accepting (monetary) benefits in order to win contracts, to refrain from making unfair agreements with competitors and business partners that violate the guarantee of free competition, and to align all conduct with the principles of honesty, respect and integrity. Our Code of Conduct defines a uniform standard for responsible conduct of each individual towards colleagues, employees, business partners, customers and the public.

Compliance with the duties laid down in the Code of Conduct as well as a clear commitment to its contents by managers and employees of the d.velop Group – regardless of their function or position – are key to ensuring the legality of our actions and establishing a long-term foundation of trust.

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Reporting a Violation of Our Code of Conduct

Specifying rules of conduct in our Code of Conduct is an important first step. However, as in any well-functioning regulatory system, we must also ensure that our Code of Conduct is adhered to. Only by ensuring this can we prevent damage to the companies of the d.velop Group and its employees, customers and business partners. Any violation of our Code of Conduct must therefore be identified at an early stage, thoroughly reviewed, and then rectified and remedied as quickly as possible. And for that, we need your help!

We therefore actively call upon you as an employee, customer, business partner or other third party to inform us of possible violations of the obligations arising from our Code of Conduct. You can remain fully anonymous, if you wish! Reportable violations may include:

  • Behavior by employees in public that is damaging to the d.velop Group (e.g. making derogatory statements about the d.velop Group or its employees)
  • Discrimination against employees, customers and business partners on the basis of their origin, culture, religion, skin colour or sexual orientation
  • Agreements with competitors on prices, capacities, waivers of competition or the submission of sham bids
  • The granting or receipt of financial benefits or other benefits for the purpose of obtaining or awarding contracts
  • Using the facilities or equipment made available by the d.velop Group for official purposes (in particular IT equipment) to access or disseminate information that is racist, sexually offensive or glorifies violence
  • Disregard of the right to privacy and the right to protection of personal data (e.g. disclosing confidential information about employees, customers and business partners of the d.velop Group)

Anonymous Whistleblower System

Have you witnessed a violation of our Code of Conduct? Have you received information about an infringement by a third party? Would you like to report this violation? If so, please use our whistleblower system to send us information and data about the violation of our Code of Conduct. The whistleblower system is a fair and transparent procedure that guarantees your report will be handled uniformly, quickly, confidentially and professionally.

Your information will be handled with strict confidentiality and only by the representative designated for this function. This person will use your information to determine if there was any misconduct. Your personal data, in particular your name or e-mail address, will not be disclosed beyond this without your express consent.

There are various ways in which you can notify us

One is to use our anonymous web form to submit a completely anonymous message. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail or letter to the representative.

  • Anonymous Web Form

    The following link will take you to our anonymous web form. All information that you provide via this form will neither be tracked nor stored in log files. We also do not set any cookies. It is therefore not possible for us to track your activities on this website. We receive your message, but cannot draw any conclusions about your identity.

  • E-mail

    You can reach our representative at the following e-mail address: Please note that the representative could identify you as the sender of the e-mail based on your e-mail address, provided your e-mail address can be associated with you.

  • Post

    Share your information with our representatives, Stephanus Schürmann and Markus Terlinde, in writing to : d.velop AG, Compliance Officer, Schildarpstraße 6-8, 48712 Gescher, Germany.

Thank you for assisting us in our efforts to always act in a lawful and sustainable manner and to live up to our social responsibility.

The Executive Boards and Senior Management of the d.velop Group