Integration with mobile devices with d.3ecm

Mobile ECM with d.3 mobile

Do operational decision-making processes have to come to a halt

just because you are not sitting at your office PC? With d.3 mobile, that won’t be an issue for you. d.3 mobile means professional document management and participation in the usual d.3ecm workflows, even while on the road. Fast, flexible, simple and efficient!

The office for the road

d.3ecm has been the established standard solution for handling your digital data and documents for years now. But what do you do when you’re not at the office and still need access to your documents? No problem. Make decisions even when you are not at the office – not from the gut, but with all the relevant information as a basis.

Ideal for any target group

d.3 mobile is ideal for management boards, sales staff, service providers, customer support staff and project managers. Or simply put, for everyone who accesses their operational documents on the move and participates in workflow-controlled business processes like checking and approving invoices or processing leave applications.


  • Comprehensive access to information, even on the move
  • Search your d.3ecm company archive on mobile devices
  • Start and participate in workflows using a smartphone or tablet PC
  • Intuitive document viewing
  • Archiving directly from other apps in your d.3ecm

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