Case management

Many business processes cannot be rigidly defined but do have clearly definable tasks and results. In the course of those semi-structured processes, information is gathered and documents are created that together comprise the “case” being processed.

Some cases are processed over an extended period of time, such as the acquisition of sales partners, product development or preparation of a large event. But others are short-term cases like a customer request, a customer complaint, or a delivery request for additional materials. And, of course, there cases that fall in between, like tendering processes.

Case management is also relevant for procedures in fields other than business and industry. For example, registration of new patients at a hospital, registration of a new business at a local authority, enrolment of new students at university.

Case management can also be applied to incoming mail processing at an insurance company where a certain case type is specified during processing (e.g. declaring a case as a rehab application in the context of a health insurance company).

Use d.3ecm case management to effectively organize your semi-structured business processes!