Case management

Some processes result in a number of information and documents.Those include tasks as well as a result.However, that process is not rigid; we refer to such a process as a semi-structured business process – a so-called “case”.

Cases can be long-term, such as sales partner acquisition processes, product developments, set-up of a new location, or preparation of a large event.But they can also include short-term cases like a new customer request, a customer complaint, or a delivery inquiry for new materials.And of course there are also medium-term cases like tendering processes.

There are also cases outside of the industry, for instance hospitalizations, business registrations, or university enrollments.Incoming mail processing at an insurance company can also be viewed as a case where a certain case type is specified during processing (e.g. declaring a case as a rehab application in the context of a health insurance company).

You can organize your semi-structured business processes intelligently with d.3ecm case management.