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ecspand by d.velop

Companies need sustainable solutions for organizing information and supplying it to their staff.Whether you’re working with documents, tasks, notes or whole processes – the fundamental rules are ease of use, transparency in processes, security during archiving and consolidating information objects into procedures enhanced by workflows.


ECM for SharePoint

Using ecspand lets you reduce your cycle time and gives your staff more freedom as a result.Aside from standard processes (like invoice processing or contract management), however, there are also some processes that cannot be covered with standard solutions for sector-specific reasons or due to special technical requirements.

With that in mind, ecspand provides functions for organizing all kinds of information objects and mapping cases (including, for instance, customer, supplier, project, ideas or HR management) and integrating them with information from other systems (such as Materials Management and ERP).
Enhance your intranet and make SharePoint a platform for your collaborative and business applications!

How it works.

Microsoft SharePoint already offers a large number of benefits including data storage, versioning, full-text search and collaboration.
ecspand enhances SharePoint with an intelligent information architecture based around your business objects and supplies information and documents transparently and quickly in the form of structures and processes that go for beyond the boundaries of SharePoint.It is easy to add documents or start processes.

In addition to the integrated full-text search in SharePoint, ecspand provides an easy-to-use quick search function and convenient metadata search function.
Thanks to Outlook integration, you can create new cases or dossiers from Outlook with ease and store e-mails directly for these cases.

The built-in archiving function ensures the necessary process reliability.Documents are converted into stable long-term formats in the background and – when required – archived in an audit-proof way.
Whether you are purely a SharePoint, desktop, Outlook or ERP user:The various integration options provided by the ecspand platform means all your work is carried out in one standardized user interface.

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Structured processes – full transparency!

Because you as a business manager, specialist user or employee are responsible for internal workflows and communication, you face the daily challenge of putting people, information and processes into context.

SharePoint is the ideal platform for bringing people together.Documents created as part of the daily work routine are managed and kept secure.Transparent communication is guaranteed at all times.

ecspand – well, expands – your SharePoint. It puts that information into natural order and creates structures based on any information objects such as cases, tasks, activities, dossiers and documents.

ecspand offers easy and user friendly handling of processes and workflows, saves time and money and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems.

Bring information, processes and your employees together.Turn SharePoint into a platform for your business applications and assist your employees, just like ecspand will assist you.

Focused on user needs

With ecspand, you get a platform for business applications that helps you save time and costs and will delight you and your staff with its ease of use.Have fun! The ecspand team wishes you every success.

  • We give you optimum access to your system.We bring you on the simplest route to your required information.

  • All your information, data and objects are managed and organized centrally in ecspand.

  • The refined search function in ecspand gives you an overview of all the relevant data for your task.

  • Utilize the extensive range of collaborative options.The simple features for handling case processing makes your teamwork easier:Exchange information, work on the same document in parallel and allocate tasks through the supplied workflows.Tasks and even complex processes can be worked on simultaneously by everyone with access authorization.

ecspand overview

Your benefits:

  • All information objects collected in dossiers and cases

  • Templates for standard dossiers for individual customers, suppliers or personnel

  • Context-based drag and drop storage

  • Find information again with ease using the intelligent search function

  • Integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Outlook, SAP and on the desktop

  • Basis for standard business applications including, for instance, contract, HR or quality management and inbox and invoice processing

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface