Unlocking Synergies from SAP & SharePoint

Integrate Best of Breed Systems – Connect Information Silos

Combining the potential of SAP and SharePoint

On one hand we believe that your investment and trust in SAP, the market leader for enterprise application software, is absolutely the right decision to stay ahead of an ever faster changing economy. On the other hand, Microsoft® SharePoint is the predominant platform for information management, collaboration and intranet.

Organisations using both applications as key success factors will benefit even more from their investment into them. Time to connect information silos!


Let users work in their comfort zones

Connecting people with relevant information in all your SAP-driven business processes; is that what you are after?

Our solutions – ecspand in combination with d.velop archivelink for SAP – make SAP content available in SharePoint and the other way round. Now users can decide where they feel most comfortable to work every day; be it SAP, SharePoint or both applications.
SAP and SharePoint contents are technically stored in one strategic place; in SharePoint. This allows for a high level of governance and avoids redundant copies.

Improved processes in SAP

Working in SAP users can now access content residing in SharePoint without leaving SAP GUI.
All required information to accomplish a business process in SAP is instantly available:

  • Documents can be shared, edited and managed without leaving the current context in SAP
  • Straightforward collaboration and workflows with employees without access to SAP
  • Organisational boundaries are dissolved and information can easily flow

SharePoint as strategic place for information

Only about 30% of the workstations in organisations using SAP have a SAP GUI installed.
ecspand makes SAP content available to a broader audience in SharePoint.

    • Reinforce SharePoint as central strategic place for information and collaboration
      • Manage, store, edit, share and find content deriving from SAP
      • Digital workflows to support business processes in SAP
    • Connect SAP business objects and processes with SharePoint information objects and sites
      • SAP outbound and inbound (such as scans, emails) documents available in SharePoint
      • Use of the same business object information (master & meta data) on e.g. customers, vendors, orders, projects, employees in SharePoint

Key Benefits

Increased Employee Satisfaction

  • Users working with their familiar and preferred interface requires just few training
  • Intuitive navigation based on real life objects like customers, vendors, orders and projects
  • Reduced manual effort due to auto-archiving, drag & drop and meta data being inherited automatically

Improved Collaboration

  • Make SharePoint collaboration and document management functionality available directly from within SAP
  • Connect people with relevant information in all your SAP-driven business processes
  • Provide access to SAP content in SharePoint for users not using SAP

Reduced Costs

  • Use SharePoint as content repository for SAP and prevent investing in an additional expensive solution
  • Cut costs by reducing time for managing, storing, editing, sharing and finding content as well as by using digital workflows

Compliance Archiving

  • Comply with regulations & standards such as tax regulations, GDPR and ISO
  • Automatic archiving of SAP inbound & outbound documents
  • SharePoint as central point for information governance