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ecspand – enhanced document management for SharePoint

ecspand, d.velop´s product suite for O365/SharePoint Online and SharePoint OnPrem, unlocks the full potential of SharePoint by providing you with the framework for a successful enterprise content management strategy.
Do you want to make digital transformation a reality in your organisation? SharePoint has great out-of-the-box capabilities such as document management that will help you achieve that goal. The reality though, is that many organisations struggle with SharePoint implementation and do not achieve the level of user adoption necessary for a true transformation. d.velop´s ecspand will help make that transformation happen for you.

Key benefits:

  • Increase customer & employee satisfaction.
  • Make your organisation more competitive.
  • Consistent user experience with the same look & feel, terminology and navigation structure throughout.
  • Unlock more potential from existing investments in key business applications.
  • Provide outstanding responsiveness to internal and external customer requests.
  • Make business processes more agile.
  • Establish strong information governance and a strategic place for information.
  • Achieve a higher level of digitalisation.


Implementing a Successful Enterprise Content Management Strategy with SharePoint/O365

Are you familiar with the following pain points with SharePoint?

  • – Chaotic information architecture and SharePoint sprawl.
  • – Insufficient level of user acceptance.
  • – Content in SharePoint is isolated from information other systems of record, creating information silos.
  • – Lack of integration in (Office, Outlook, ERP,..)

This webcast is geared towards IT managers with SharePoint installations and will illustrate how they can expand SharePoint into a strategic information platform for business applications. Learn how you can satisfy your users, structure information and integrate that information into other applications.

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Key Features

About ecspand

ecspand sidebar – Your SharePoint in Outlook

Use Microsoft SharePoint as the central repository for all your emails and documents. Provide simple and fast access to relevant information for knowledge and office workers. Increase productivity directly from Outlook, Office applications and Windows Desktop making SharePoint document management features easily accessible. With ecspand sidebar you no longer have to switch between applications to access and share information in SharePoint. ecspand sidebar integrates directly into Outlook, Office and Windows Desktop. Intuitive navigation, drag & drop and automated tagging allows an efficient use of SharePoint.
Learn more about ecspand sidebar.

ecspand center – Intuitive ECM SharePoint App

Increase productivity with a user-friendly easy to understand navigation and automated tagging. Provide simple and fast access to relevant information for knowledge and office workers.
Use Microsoft SharePoint as the central repository for all your information, emails and documents. ecspand center allows users to work in SharePoint with a familiar user interface based on real life objects such as customers, purchase orders, projects, products, employees, contracts, cases – the information you need when conducting your day-to-day business.
Learn more about ecspand center.

Integrate your SharePoint

Intelligent information architecture. To us, that means providing an organisation’s departments and teams with the information they need in an easily accessible manner. No switching about between applications or searching for paper documents.
ecspand’s integration solutions make every relevant business object information (customers, suppliers, personnel, products, projects, orders, cases) and their related documents available in SharePoint through an automated and standardised process based on your CRM/ERP data. Access your content and documents straight from SharePoint or your desktop. Get the information you need without ever leaving your primary applications: ecspand integrates directly into the user interfaces of Outlook, Microsoft Office, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics making SharePoint document management features easily accessible.

Demo: Unlock the full potential of your SharePoint with ecspand

Do you want to see ecspand live, as well as discuss your questions and requirements? Then request a demo and we will come back to you shortly to arrange a time for your individual demo.

Learn how you can…

  • … improve productivity and transparency in your business
  • … increase user satisfaction & level of adoption
  • … integrate information silos.
  • … enhance information governance.



Your SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016 can also do more!

Benefit from our solution packages for SharePoint OnPrem

The ecspand quality management solution provides everything that a quality management agent requires. The QM agent and other users have a direct view on all relevant QM processes and documents. The integrated template management lets users create new versions of documents quickly and easily. Users can be automatically informed when they need to approve changes.

The ecspand AP invoicing solution provides an end-to-end solution for digital invoice capture, cost center allocation and approval. Integration in leading ERP applications, automated routing and clear visibility ensure rapid turnaround times and timely payments.

The ecspand contract management solution ensures that you always have a clear view of the status, renewal periods and termination deadlines of your contracts. Manage your contracts across their lifecycle using ecspand’s toolset of templates, search tools, reporting and application integration (simply drag & drop emails and documents to store as relevant correspondence to a contract).