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Optimize the way you exchange documents with your business partners, team members, suppliers and customers. As a foxdox provider, you can make digital documents available to your communication partners in the simplest manner.

foxdox furthermore provides your recipients with numerous other benefits and usage options in addition to their own secure online archive. Hone your competitive edge by offering your customers, members, etc. a modern and digital communication channel!

Naturally, you can also receive documents digitally with foxdox – via a German certified high-security data center. These digital documents can be processed automatically after receipt – based on document properties and form data optionally assigned by the sender. Do away with incoming mail and paper-based processes and set up digital document workflows for efficient document handling from the second they enter your company. Your customers will appreciative this too, because it also reduces the effort on their end. Moreover, it results in simpler processes that are faster and less prone to errors.




  • Digital transfer reduces costs (no printing, no postal fees…)
  • Maintain and optimize customer relationships by means of digital processes
  • Free accounts for your customers: Recipients are not charged for receiving documents
  • Documents are placed into the recipients’ dedicated online storage, which is theirs alone!
  • Added value for recipients: The online storage can be used for other purposes or documents as well

Our Customers Use foxdox connect in the Following Areas:

  • Delivery of insurance documents
  • Delivery of personnel documents
  • Delivery of brokerage statements
  • Receipt of certificates of incapacity
  • Receipt of credit applications

Rates and Terms


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  • One-time setup
  • Monthly provider service fee
  • Transaction fee for sending and receiving per document

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