Christoph Pliete
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

“Only innovative thinkers are able to see beyond well-trodden ideas and discover better solutions. Even after 25 years, we dare to keep on innovating.”

Mario Dönnebrink
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

“Digitization means creating real added value with the help of software. Amid the digital revolution, we aim to shape the future in partnership with our customers.”

Dirk Flögel
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

“Only those who are passionate about what they do achieve success. The d.velop team is much more than just a few hundred IT specialists: it is a group of extraordinary people brimming with motivation and an indefatigable work ethic who create new solutions every day.”

Rainer Hehmann
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

“Software can ensure business success if it is intuitive to use, simple and reliable to operate, and supports smart processes. Our customers should have fun using d.velop’s range of services to design their digital workplace while at the same time increasing overall productivity.”

Sebastian Evers
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

“We develop our software with the maximum benefit for the customer in mind – for the person who needs to be able to easily, intuitively and effectively use it every day. And if something does not function as expected, then it is our sole responsibility to fix the problem. That’s because we feel responsible for the success of our customers.”

Dirk Isferding
Chief Consulting Officer (CCO)

“Agility is not the magic bullet for a successful set of services. However, only by staying flexible can individual requirements be satisfied. Whether in interpersonal exchange or when introducing a new software solution.”

Alexander Zirl
Chief Entrepreneurship Officer (CEPO)

“Innovation manifests only when the market screams HOORAY! Pure and simple. We can only develop new technologies that are actually needed and that help people if we have both ears open and are listening closely to the market.”