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Few industries will undergo as many changes in the coming years as the financial services industry. This even holds true when taking the widely discussed regulatory changes out of the equation and strictly focusing on the revolution that ‘digitization’ and ‘financial technology’ (FinTech) will bring about.

This development is further amplified by the fact that new and emerging technologies are increasingly enabling even non-banks to offer financial services. Micro payment systems such as PayPal or services including Apple Pay or Google Wallet are paving to way for turning the smartphone into an electronic wallet.

Granted, financial service providers and related companies have steady revenue streams such as transaction fees; however, they will have to face the possibility of losing part of this turnover to service and/or app providers that are pushing into the market space between banks and the end customer. This could prove to become a great threat to the business model and thus the very existence of established financial institutions.

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Banks, investment firms, asset managers, credit card or leasing companies, portfolio managers and brokers are all under extreme competitive pressure.

You as a financial service provider have to overcome these challenges by repositioning your business both strategically and in terms of the technology employed, while also focusing more strongly on your customers, their needs and their expectations.
At the same time, you have to generate, store and access more documents on a daily basis than most other industries. The list includes requests, contracts and associated documents, credit card bills replete with all relevant security information, accounting vouchers, customer and account data, reports, correspondence, and so on.

Moreover, the latest version of each document and all associated customer records must be available to customer service staff on the shop floor or in the office at the push of a button.

Your employees rely on this technology in order to provide your customers with accurate information within a matter of seconds. This is only possible if you have set up efficient processes and tools that allow you to stay on top of your information.

It doesn’t get any more secure than this.

Given this backdrop, you will have to make several crucial decisions in the near future – but you are not alone: d.velop is at your side, providing expert consulting and enterprise content management (ECM) systems tailored to your industry to help you digitize financial and business processes – for sustained success.

The portfolio of ECM for banks and financial service providers ranges from a traditional DMS system (d.3ecm) and integrated collaboration based on SharePoint (ecspand) through to secure, cloud-based end user systems (foxdox). Your benefit is twofold: d.velop solutions allow you to drive down operating costs, while also improving your ability to provide service excellence and expert advice.

It goes without saying that d.velop is well aware of the strict legal provisions regarding legally and audit-compliant data archiving. This means you can rest assured that ECM solutions made by d.velop for banks and financial service providers are 100% secure.



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