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Public administrations across all levels – be it city, state and municipality governments or universities – must handle a flood of letters, records and forms day in, day out. Some of these documents are available in paper format, while others are digital.

What makes the job even harder is that the same problems occur time and again – and quite often the affected employees aren’t even aware of issues such as these: Electronic documents are copied many times, resulting in major redundancies. Paper-based records are often incomplete, so parts of them are available in digital format only, so they need to be pieced together from the file repository or e-mail mailboxes in a tedious and time-consuming process. And since documents outside of the document management system (DMS) generally have no expiration date, many a search ends without finding the sought-after information.

So how can this be fixed? The most simple and modern way to remedy this situation is to perform job processing based on the d.velop electronic file, which also helps you collaborate with other departments.

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Faster processing. Reduced costs. Closer to citizens.

The electronic file developed by d.velop for e-Government ensures much faster access, makes all required documents and information available at the spot and in the right format, brings simplicity and consistency to data handling and streamlines workflows. In other words, it optimizes your entire internal and external administrative communication.

The d.velop electronic file actively adopts the established record structure and thus seamlessly integrates with your administrative procedures. This results in greatly reduced workloads and also brings you closer to the citizens.

Moreover, digital document processing offers a vast potential for cost savings: It minimizes transport expenditures, simplifies the archiving of complex processes and facilitates convenient searches by allowing any authorized person to work with the required specialist application directly from any workplace. This results in paper and printing cost savings and, more importantly, the electronic file saves time and money across the board.

Secure data exchange among all parties involved.

As an added bonus, the e-Government solutions from d.velop offer much better security than any filing cabinet. For example, they account for the ‘DOMEA concept,’ ensuring that you always operate in full compliance with the current standards for administrative data exchange, e.g. XDOMEA.

And to help you send your digital documents – including requests and participation/decision procedures – to other authorities, institutions, citizens and business partners or to receive such documents from them, all you need to do is integrate the relevant systems with d.velop’s Foxdox cloud solution.


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