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The automotive, high-tech, electronics, metal/wood/paper industries as well as the mechanical engineering and equipment/component manufacturing sectors have one thing in common: They all need to reduce costs, increase productivity and boost transparency.

The problems encountered in this context often follow the same pattern: The information flow between the specialist and administrative departments tends to be ‘less than ideal.’ Also, inadequately integrated ERP and PLM systems result in poorly coordinated planning, operations and incomplete product information. However, in many industries – such as the engineering and automotive industry, where many documents, tasks and projects must be dealt with on a daily basis – fixing these issues is much more difficult than you may expect. This is where d.velop enters the picture, offering digitizing and ECM solutions that provide a solid platform for efficient workflows.

Digitizing is the first step.

The underlying principle is simple: All data of every process and document is captured in digital format, stored and managed at a central location, and made available to all authorized users around the clock – even across multiple sites. Special workflows simplify and accelerate all relevant testing and release processes, thus taking routine tasks off your employees’ plate.

The result: Our ECM solutions provide you with highly integrated and automated ERP and PLM services that allow you to ensure precisely harmonized planning and operating processes as well as complete product information. You further benefit from a much higher level of transparency and gain a consistent machine record that captures all data from the initial request through to the final service.

Green light for ‘Industry 4.0’

In addition, our solutions support you in the context of ‘Industry 4.0’ by allowing you, for instance, to digitize your manufacturing processes all the way to building an ‘intelligent’ plant that is adaptable, resource efficient and ergonomic. This also includes integrating all customers and business partners into your business processes and your value-added chain.

To make this happen, d.velop AG launched a partnership with the RWTH Aachen Campus technical college in 2014. The idea here is to get inspired by science and academia and turn these new insights into highly innovative products. Another goal is to jointly devise solution schemes that account for future requirements of industrial digital business processes. Cluster collaboration with various research and application partners brings about additional projects carried out in cooperation with scientific institutions, thus putting us on the right track for developing forward-looking products.


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