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Retailers have to deal with and process hundreds or even thousands of documents on a daily basis: The list of tasks includes handling invoices from suppliers, delivery notes and correspondence, coordinating orders and follow-ups, observing discount periods… day in, day out. In the case of retail chains, these jobs even need to be coordinated across multiple sites.
Stay competitive with customized ECM solutions from d.velop that help you manage your documents and information in digital format, quickly retrieve data and integrate it into all relevant processes.

Digitizing is the first step

The underlying principle is simple: All data is captured in digital format, stored and managed at a central location and made available to all users around the clock – even across multiple sites. Special workflows simplify and accelerate all relevant processes, thus taking routine tasks off your employees’ plate.

The result: The highly integrated and automated ERP system based on our products empowers you to precisely coordinate all of your retail activities as well as all relating administrative tasks, while also greatly improving overall transparency.

Perfect solution to ease the daily task load

Retailers, and in particular consumer goods wholesalers with their many paper-based processes, significantly benefit from this d.velop solution.

These businesses handle a vast number of paper documents every day, including incoming invoices, outbound invoices, delivery notes etc. – as well as all associated in- and outbound mass data. They thus require much more comprehensive support than e.g. a scan provider can offer.

This is where d.velop enters the stage, helping you to introduce more flexible processes that facilitate frequent restructuring, bring about reduced rental and personnel overhead costs and turn your employees into experts regarding your customers’ shopping patterns.

Another key process supported by d.velop is the supply of goods – all the way from goods delivery through to supplying each individual branch store and POS system, which is where items are maintained and posted. Moreover, the solutions also help you to meet payment deadlines of suppliers and ensure that you pay your employees on time.

Digitize. Simplify. Retain.

Our ECM solutions for the retail business deliver comprehensive process optimizations – in particular by means of easily adjustable workflows that greatly facilitate the frequent restructuring measures and decentralized organization schemes common in the retail world. One of the key features in this context is the ability to transform paper-based invoice process into a digital, automatic incoming invoice processing solution. In addition, d.velop also simplifies the administrative task load of large retailers across multiple sites, with a focus on managing rental, property and personnel contracts.

Last but not least: To help consumer retailers manage POS receipts in a simple and reliable manner, these can be either digitized directly in the POS system or first scanned and then stored digitally.


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