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Suppliers of chemical, oil and gas products, construction, cleaning, facility engineering and shipbuilding companies, as well as public utilities and waste management providers have one thing in common: They generate a lot of energy, process large volumes of materials – and also generate vast numbers of documents in the process.

The paper trail starts with personnel management and leads across all internal and external business processes. But how should a company deal with this flood of documents and associated templates, guidelines and provisions?

Efficient processes are worth real money

Be it letters, invoices, e-mails, orders, requests for leave, bills etc.: The digital process optimizations specifically designed by d.velop for the industries listed above accompany these documents from the moment they are created all the way to the point when they are placed into the digital archive.

This greatly enhances your company’s ability to respond to requests, and, in addition, flexible workflows simplify and accelerate all relevant decision-making and release processes. This results in improved employee productivity and motivation and boosts your bottom line in terms of efficiency and profits.

Moreover, d.velop goes to great lengths to ensure that all relevant legal provisions are adhered to as well.


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