Contract Management

Up to date. Secure. Efficient.
There are plenty of reasons for introducing digital contract management.


Putting Contracts into the Right Hands

Digital contract management from d.velop supports your business in various ways: It speeds up processes, improves your financial planning capabilities and helps to reduce costs. The solution moreover ensures long-term storage and management of your current contractual documents in a legally compliant manner. This includes all reminders, due dates and contractual terms across the entire contract lifecycle.

Digital contract management accelerates and simplifies contract management and also makes all relevant processes more transparent.

This consistently provides you with a clear overview of your current contracts and all parties involved.

This directly translates into reduced times spent searching for contract-related information, delivers analyses and statistics for contractual controlling and enables proactive risk assessment and classification of your contractual partners. You also benefit from secure processes and the ability to meet all legal regulations and accountability obligations. This wealth of features allows you to consolidate your demand and thus strengthens your negotiating power.

High-End Contract Management

Digital contract management from d.velop delivers all the tools you need to rapidly search and manage all operational contracts, framework and cooperative agreements or license and maintenance contracts including all associated documents – either at your workstation or while on the road.

This does away with cumbersome manual chores such as filing, sorting and searching dozens of ring binders for urgently needed documents. Consistent, complete and 100% transparent workflows that keep track of all documents and corresponding deadlines and terms further facilitate controlling tasks and help you meet accountability obligations with ease. Digital contract management ensures that you are always up to date on all key items relating to your contracts, including deadline and payment tracking.

Moreover, a customizable access rights scheme and an automatic reminder function deliver maximum data security.

Always in control

But this is not the end of how your company can benefit from digital contract management made by d.velop. For example, the solution also supports versioning, i.e., it logs every version of a contract, making it fully traceable. And to take even more routine work off your back, the system automatically generates well-structured contract master data sheets that provide you with all relevant information at a glance.

Audit capable and legally compliant

Digital contract management from d.velop automatically allocates your contractual documents to digital records and stores them in the central archive in an audit-capable and legally compliant format. So whenever an audit is performed in your company, you can produce all requested contracts and all associated documents in an instant. The solution also allows you to enforce proper processing, checking and release procedures, delivering quick answers to any document-related question. Accidental deletion of contracts or individual contents is reliably prevented.

Individually expandable

Also, since contract-related documents may reach your company in any number of ways besides traditional mail, you can add complementing, customizable modules, such as digital e-mail management, to ensure smooth contract management across the entire lifecycle.

contract management

Proven Technical Foundation

Designed as a preconfigured tool for process control and integrated contract management, the digital contract management solution from d.velop delivers capture and structured management of contract-related data and documents, flexible analysis using defined terms, and legally compliant storage based on secure long-term formats (TIFF, PDF/A).

It also offers a comprehensive range of document management functions including versioning and check-out/-in, simple and flexible customizing to meet individual requirements, as well as the capability to integrate with existing applications such as Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint or Office.


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