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The digital file folder in public administration

Space is an expensive commodity. This makes it all the more painful when valuable space is taken up by a paper archive. Digital file folders can help with this problem and reduce your costs. How? By allowing you to digitize your paper archive.

The principle behind the digital file folder

Digital file folders from d.velop are a standardized solution for professional, digital file folder management. They are based on tried-and-tested document management solutions. The principle behind the digital file folder is simple: All documents that enter or are generated by your Administration department are stored in digital form in the central electronic archive, either straight away (in the case of e-mails or documents created with a tool such as a word processor) or after they have been scanned (paper-based documents).

Digital file folders can be researched by anyone at any location directly from their specialized application, providing they have the correct authorization. This makes the file folder in question and all the associated documents available on the case worker’s screen immediately. Even before they open the file folder, the case worker can see the most important key data at a glance – just like a virtual file folder cover. And of course, any pieces of writing generated during the specialist procedure are automatically sorted into the correct digital file folder.

  • Seamless integration into the specialist procedure
  • Fast research
  • Provide citizens with better information
  • Seamlessly available on a single medium across all locations
  • Automatic storage in your digital archive
  • View the most important key data on the virtual cover

Digital file folders – Security no filing cabinet can offer

Working with digital file folders is not only faster and more convenient than handling hard copies in heavy ring binders – it is also much more secure. After all, hard copies can only be protected against unauthorized access or theft by a filing cabinet with a lock.

Compliance with TR-ESOR (technical guideline “TR-03125”) and TR-RESISCAN (technical guideline “TR-03138”)

It goes without saying that the digital archive in the d.velop systems supports the requirements for legally compliant long-term storage of documents outlined in the German E-Government Act (EGovG) It also complies with the TR-ESOR (technical guideline “TR-03125”) guidelines for preserving the evidentiary value of documents.

Access to all file folders across all locations

The digital file folder is based on the d.velop digital file folder concept. This makes it easy for you to view and edit your digital archive from anywhere you like using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Digital file folders are based on the file plan you are accustomed to

The structure of the digital file folders from d.velop defines the file plan that is established for use in public administration. As such, it contains all the documents you need to provide the full information on a case.

With digital file folders, case workers can use almost exactly the same document storage and research procedures they are accustomed to. The main difference? You won’t need to go into a stuffy archive full of filing cabinets – instead, you can pull up any digital document from the comfort of your work station in a matter of seconds. This means that no-one needs to get used to new conventions or storage systems. In fact, thanks to the user friendliness of the digital file folder, everyone can work faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Image: New file folders can be created in the established file plan at the push of a button.

Easy implementation of the German E-Government Act

Upgrade to digital file folder management easily with the digital file folder from d.velop

In line with the Digital Administration 2020 scheme, the German E-Government Act (EGovG) requires federal authorities to switch over to digital file folder management by January 1, 2020, at the latest. As such, the EGovG promotes digitization in administrative fields, and will make electronic communication between citizens and admin staff easier. In order to successfully implement the multifaceted requirements by 2020, public administrators need to act now and implement their E-Government projects as soon as possible.

We can help you with this. After working on numerous public administration projects, our staff have gained extensive experience in converting analog procedures into digital processes using a single, seamless medium.

We will be happy to work with you and plan how best to launch your digital file folder system, as well as other efficient d.velop solutions to help you implement the German E-Government Act.

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