Say goodbye to file folder archives!
“Quick to search and easy to store and share across locations – digital file folders make my life simple!” Julia Bergerbusch, Social Pedagogue, District of Borken, Germany

Digital file folders don’t gather dust!

How would life be if there were no more folders on your desk? What would you say if the folder in your office cupboard disappeared? The key words: digital file folders. Be honest. How much time do you waste searching for documents? And where is that folder anyway? Free up some space. You don’t need a paper archive.

The principle behind the digital file folder

The principle behind the digital file folder from d.velop is simple: All documents that enter your company or organization are directly stored in digital form in the central electronic archive (in the case of e-mails or documents created with a tool such as a word processor) or after they have been scanned (paper-based documents).

A special feature in all this: documents imported as scans or any other format are automatically analyzed, and the information is autonomously allocated to the corresponding existing digital file folder based on this information. If no matching record exist, new records are automatically created based on the detected properties – without the need for you to take any action. Given the large volume of documents in your daily incoming mail, this results in enormous time savings.

  • Greater transparency – all your information in one record
  • Easy to use
  • Connect documents and digital file folders
  • Complete oversight thanks to central data storage
  • You can also work across locations
  • As secure as a filing cabinet
  • Intuitive to use, inspired by “real” paper records
  • Less effort for searches

Digital file folders in use

“Tedious searches for records are a thing of the past. We can now access all our information in one location with one click of the mouse, which has made everything much quicker,” says Claudia Schaffarczyk, HR and partner consultant

Since the roll-out of the d.velop file folder and archive solution, staff at JAB ANSTOETZ are able to work more quickly and efficiently.


Stadtwerke Münster, the public utilities company for the German city of Münster, introduced digital customer records, construction records and home connection records with the d.velop d.3 system.


Are my documents secure?

Digital file folders from d.velop are much more secure than your filing cabinet.

Working with digital file folders is not only faster and more convenient but also much more secure than handling hard copies in heavy ring binders, whose only protection against unauthorized access or theft is a filing cabinet with a lock.

The sophisticated granular access rights scheme ensures that file folders and documents can only be viewed and edited by authorized employees. When dealing with sensitive data such as personnel or contractual file folders especially, digital file folder keeping helps you to secure your data and meet legal storage provisions.

The digital file folder to meet your needs

Digital file folders can be created to meet all needs and requirements in every sector. Records can be used for a multitude of tasks, from orders to deliveries. Scenarios where d.velop customers use standardized, digital file folders include:

Customer record

Supplier record

Project records

Product record

Production record

Contract record

Complaints record

Order record

Experience digital file folders live!

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