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Digitize paper and securely archive documents in electronic format!

d.velop helps you get rid of excess paper, make business processes more transparent and ensure that all corporate data is stored in compliance with legal and audit requirements.

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Scan and Classify – Digitizing Paper-Based Documents

Say good-bye to copying, hole punching and filing

Tools that transform paper documents into digital format and automatically capture their contents result in accelerated business processes, shorter cycle times and support your employees in handling routine tasks. This saves both space and money.

A powerful scanning solution is critical to the success of any enterprise content management system. Whichever way documents enter your company or organization – via standard mail, through a single scan or in the form of hundreds of documents digitized in a single batch – the scan module from d.velop supports any scenario.

A sophisticated text recognition (OCR) component checks the scanned documents in a matter of seconds and reliably captures relevant information such as header and line item data. To further maximize recognition accuracy, an automatic validation mechanism checks the information against your master data.

This results in reliable document classification, allowing the system to correctly allocate documents to records. From there, you can access them with a click of the mouse in a clearly structured digital record plan that adopts your company’s individual filing scheme.

Successfully prevent errors

Automatic processes, from scanning through to displaying the automatically classified document in your familiar user interface, greatly improve data quality by avoiding the error-prone manual transfer of invoice or other data. You also save valuable time as the manual indexing task load is reduced to the absolute minimum.

This is how you benefit from digitizing paper-based documents:

  • Reduced effort for indexing documents.
  • Faster workflows thanks to complete document information.
  • Intelligent invoice capture using full-text character recognition (OCR); solution is not based on forms.
  • Improved process reliability thanks to automatic allocation of scanned documents to the corresponding business cases.

Electronic Archiving

Never see coffee stains or dust on your records again.

Proper archiving of digital documents in permanent formats such as TIFF or PDF/A is one of the core features of an efficient ECM system. And this is what makes the electronic archive from d.velop ideally suited to centralized data storage – including paper-based documents, technical drawings and e-mails – in an audit- and legally compliant manner. This process is de-coupled and thus independent of the source system that generated the files.

The digital archive from d.velop helps you meet compliance legislation such as GoDB, SOX and others, which allows you to cut down on costs for printing, paper and storage space. Moreover, the ability to perform process-based information searches results in valuable time savings for your company.

Centralized management

All documents, whether they are based on scanned paper documents or already existed in electronic format, are centrally stored in the electronic archive and can be accessed at any time. What makes this special is that no document exists more than once and no access can change the document as it is stored in unalterable format. This does away with large numbers of copies and difficult-to-trace versions filling entire filing cabinets. It also means that your company no longer needs to maintain a costly paper-based archive.

Actual storage can take place using existing storage hardware, allowing you to keep the investment in setting up an electronic archive to the bare minimum.

Working as if on paper

Using the archive is very much like handling a traditional paper record – except that you can conveniently do everything on screen. The so-called digital record plan accurately maps the individual archive structure of your company or organization, allowing you to search, edit, check and share documents with ease. If required, you can even set up a fully automatic workflow. As it fully integrates with your familiar user interface, the digital archive facilitates rapid document and record searches. Better yet, you can do so without having to walk all the way to the filing cabinet.

This is how you benefit from digital archiving:

  • Search for any document quickly and comfortably.
  • Process-specific access to linked documents and records.
  • No need to print or manually archive paper-based documents.
  • Records are automatically generated each time new documents are archived.
  • The solution integrates with your familiar user interfaces.


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