ECM Integration

Perform all job-related tasks from within your familiar application!

Seamless integration of the ECM system with your IT systems gives you the ability to access information and documents directly from within your familiar interface.

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ECM Hardwired to Your Key IT Applications

Never hunt for records again, and no more endless turning of pages!

Efficient work depends on the ability to retrieve data relating to specific business cases at any time any without time-consuming searching. Only if data is available at the push of a button can you maintain a clear overview of current events and the corporate worth. In this context, the central digital archive ensures that all relevant information is kept at a single point of access. Since this database seamlessly connects with your leading systems – which means your users can view all documents via their familiar ERP, accounting, Office system etc. – they won’t even know where the data is actually being stored.

All these benefits mean that employees basically do not have to undergo any training because the functions seamlessly blend in with the familiar application interface.

This is done by adding a few d.velop-specific ECM buttons, menus and options to your existing user interfaces. Users can therefore perform various document management functions directly in the application, e.g. Microsoft Word, to create and edit files, archive data or conveniently search the archive for existing documents. But any other scenario is equally possible, such as integrating ECM with your Outlook or Notes e-mail client interface or with the Microsoft SharePoint server.

ECM-Integrationen von d.velop

Efficiency Meets Compliance

Central management of information brings a clear structure and improved transparency to all business workflows. Moreover, the digital archive replaces traditional record keeping using ring binders and filing cabinets. Repetitive chores such as document printing and filing become obsolete, the cost for storage space is greatly reduced and, thanks to centralized, tamper-proof archiving, business risk is minimized.

The d.velop solution also ensures that all relevant retention periods and legal compliance regulations governing electronic data storage are being fully met.

Perfect Flow

Deep integration also means that you can participate in digital workflows to perform tasks such as e.g. checking incoming invoices or configuring the system to have it distribute documents to the designated processors fully automatically.

This is how you benefit from integrated ECM:

  • Optionally participate in digital workflow processes to speed up document processing.
  • Universal access to all corporate information.
  • Comprehensive processing options including annotations.
  • No redundant data management in the distributed IT landscape.
  • Convenient operation using familiar tools.

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