Audit Capable and Legally Compliant

Today, more than eighty percent of business correspondence takes place via e-mail. The modular d.velop e-mail management solution helps you to smartly and efficiently handle the vast flood of information your company depends on to prosper.

The e-mail management tool from d.velop seamlessly integrates with your e-mail client, thus connecting e-mails with all data stored in the digital archive. This means that your users have e-mails as well as all other relevant information at their fingertips when processing a job.

E-mail management from d.velop encompasses much more than simple e-mail archiving.

The solution performs various additional tasks, such as capturing the content of messages and attachments and storing it in digital records in a process-related and transparent manner. This central, automatic function also ensures that data is stored in compliance with legal and audit requirements.

As a result, every employee across the company can instantly access all information via full-text search or attribute-based lookup. This makes your comprehensive business processes much more transparent and traceable.

The e-mail management solution from d.velop accounts for applicable retention periods and other legal requirements imposed on digital data processes, including EUROSOX, Solvency II, GDPdU, GoBS, HGB, AO and/or the relevant provisions of the German Product Liability Act.

Simple. Fast. Flexible.

E-mail management from d.velop delivers a wide range of information management, digital record, process optimization and automation functions. For you and your teams this translates into a vast reduction of the daily task load as well as greatly streamlined business workflows.

Since all functions seamlessly integrate with your e-mail client user interface, you can launch business processes directly from within the client, search the archive for digital records, process their contents and use them to make quick decisions or store data.

Owing to the modular design, you can adjust the e-mail archiving process so it meets your specific requirements to the dot.

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Greater Efficiency. Reduced Costs.

Process-related archiving means that incoming and outbound e-mails are classified based on direct and/or indirect properties for subsequent manual or automatic allocation to the respective digital customer, supplier or project record.

Storing your e-mails in the digital archive contributes to significantly reducing the required storage capacity and operating cost of your e-mail server. d.velop e-mail management prevents accidental data loss, speeds up data storage and eliminates the need to create separate backups of PST files or Notes databases.

It also offers a comprehensive range of document management functions including versioning and check-out/-in, simple and flexible customizing to meet individual requirements, as well as the capability to integrate with existing applications such as Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint or Office, thus perfectly adapting to your environment and needs.

In addition, a smart full-text or keyword search feature guarantees rapid lookup of archived e-mails. This means that any workflow connected with e-mail management benefits from improved efficiency.

And whenever your requirements change, you can easily scale the digital archive accordingly.


Email Management made easy

With d.3ecm, e-mail management is seamlessly integrated into your IT landscape
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