Efficient Document Management Made Easy

d.velop ECM smoothly integrates with the Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and CRM interfaces. For you this means easy-as-can-be document creation, editing, searching and archiving.

You can call up any information at the click of a button since all documents are stored in the central digital archive and are made available for rapid access. In combination with mobile ECM, you can even use all of these features while on the road.

Simple handling

  • Convenient operation using familiar IT tools.
  • Access to all corporate information.
  • Simple, central archiving.
  • No redundant data management.
  • microsoft integration

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Secure filing

Many e-mails hit your inbox in the office day after day. Some contain information directed just at you, while others might be important to your colleagues and the company as a whole as well. You are the only person who can decide which process each e-mail is associated with and who needs to be put in the loop.

Seamless integration means that you can search for relevant digital records and conveniently place e-mails there directly from within your MS Outlook interface. As an option, you can assign additional attributes to the e-mail to help your colleagues find this information (the e-mail) whenever they need it. The e-mail is reliably stored, giving you the peace of mind to tend to other matters.

Participating in a business process

You can process tasks relating to a business process that were assigned to you in a workflow – of course, without the need to leave your Outlook client. Or you can initiate a workflow directly from within Outlook.

d.velop e-mail integration for Microsoft Outlook brings speed and efficiency to your daily office tasks.

Microsoft Office Integration

Information at Your Fingertips

Working with documents is an essential part of your daily office chores. This involves Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and MS Project documents. Each document comes with its own set of information you require to process it correctly. What you don’t need is the extra hassle of having to identify whom to contact to get missing information. And you also don’t want to waste your time by having to open a separate application to hunt for this piece of information.

The Microsoft Office integration solution eliminates these hurdles: Access information stored in d.velop ECM in the form of digital customer, supplier or project records without the need to leave your familiar application.

Process tasks without making any detours

If you are using an Office application, it is highly inconvenient for you to open a different program just to find out if there are tasks you must perform for a specific business process. How about being able to obtain this information right from within the application you are currently using? Open the task, complete the process right then and there, and then return to your previous job.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Simple searching

Dynamics integration ensures that you can directly search the ERP or CRM system for information stored in digital customer or supplier records. This is made even easier thanks to smart search functions.

As a result, you can enjoy convenient and rapid access to all documents associated with the current customer, even including documents that do not originate from the ERP or CRM system, directly from within Dynamics.

Instant access

On the document level, such as offers, documents are retrieved directly from the digital records, so you don’t even have to actively search for them. For you and other users this means you can stay in your familiar environment and do not need to learn how to use any new applications.

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