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Do you use SAP? Then you have the perfect foundation for a complete digitization of your procurement process. But why should you bother doing that?

The procurement process is complex and consists of five separate steps – from purchase to payment (Purchase-to-Pay). The figure shows the individual parts of the process.

Doesn’t look too complicated? Consider the fact that each part of the process comprises incomings documents such as orders, delivery notes and invoices. These must be processed and released by different employees in various departments.

SAP offers initial solutions for some of the component steps.However, the entirety of the procurement process is not taken into consideration and the separate processes are not combined into a consistent process. Integration gaps are preprogrammed.

If a complex process such as this is not continuously displayed, then obstacles will crop up during the process:

  • – Lack of control over ordering processes can turn into careless purchasing behavior (the “maverick buying effect”).The purchasing department is left in the dark.
  • – Long release wait times and the high throughput times that follow lead to penalty fees and the forfeiture of cash discounts.
  • – Lack of process transparency increases the lack of oversight and leads to errors in adhering to internal guidelines.
  • – Manual processing costs employees not only additional work and time, but often leads to frustration.

These obstacles not only cause employee satisfaction to deteriorate, but also have a negative impact on company profits.Advantages are left unutilized. Advantages that your competitors have already gained.

Overview of the advantages of a purchase to pay process

  • Decrease in process costs. Electronic procurement reduces process costs in purchasing by 30% on average (according to a study by the Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics).
  • Receive cash discounts and avoid penalty fees
  • Complete transparency in all ordering processes. Overview of all orders, invoices, goods and payments.
  • Create space to breathe. Routine tasks fall by the wayside.
  • Lower purchase prices. By putting an end to “maverick buying,” purchase prices are lowered by an average of 7% (according to a study by the Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics).
  • High process automation. Direct parking in the SAP system makes manual data transfer unnecessary.
  • No time is lost. Responsibilities and guidelines during employee absence are clearly defined.
  • Audit-compliant archiving. All important information such as requirements, approvals and orders are archived automatically in compliance with the law.

“Our internal processes were rigid and contained flaws.With d.velop, our Purchase-to-Pay processes are now much quicker and more precise.”

Bernd Raabe,

Messer Information Services GmbH

Four solutions that make your procurement process more effective

In order to make your procurement process consistent, it requires digital solutions that join the individual steps together.

d.velop solutions equip your SAP environment with the necessary components.How? Four software solutions specially designed for SAP provide the necessary additions to your SAP system.


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