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Use your SAP even more efficiently with the integrated SAP solutions by d.velop


Seamlessly integrated

You are relying on the solutions by SAP? With the specialist integrations by d.velop, you can simply access your SAP from within your accustomed user interfaces and be even more productive. For you this means easy-as-can-be creation, editing, searching and archiving of documents, e-mails, technical drawings etc. directly from your SAP. There’s a wide range of possibilities.

Simple handling

  • Work comfortably in your familiar IT environment
  • Access to all company information
  • Simple, central archiving


We and our partners provide taylor-made solutions meeting your requirements. The following of our solution partners support our action “YOUR SAP CAN DO MORE”:

Office integration with SAP


Most businesses use Microsoft Office to create and process documents. Quite frequently, this results in duplicates of the very same document and thus to additional internal efforts. Apparently, it is easier for your employees to create documents over and over again than to work with a template or existing documents.

Call up Word and Excel templates conveniently from the SAP transaction, work on the documents and then archive them simply with the click of a mouse — all with the d.velop solution perfectly integrated with your SAP application. Thanks to Microsoft Office integration, information is automatically carried over from your SAP system into the new Office document. This promotes acceptance among staff and increases the processing speed.

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Digital personnel files with SAP

Confidential personnel documents have to be stored especially safely and in accordance with the law – the solution d.velop personnel file for SAP ERP offers a transparent overview of the progress of your personnel processes. The electronic files are, thereby, compliant with the present basic principles of personal file management: transparency, accuracy, clarity of purpose and confidentiality.

With the solution d.velop personnel file for SAP ERP, all documents in a personnel file, from contract to doctor’s notes, can be archived structurally and centrally in the SAP HCM system by using the SAP interface Archivelink and can be managed according to prescribed retention periods. These documents are immediately available to all authorized staff. And even across different locations.

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Digital invoice processing with SAP


Processing invoices is usually a complex procedure. The d.velop solution for the incoming invoice processing for use with SAP allows automatic accounting, verification and sign off of invoices with seamless connectivity to your SAP system and is therefore completely integrated into the ordering system and the finance accounting.

This solution, developed specifically for SAP, digitizes and automates the manual processes involved in invoice processing. This leads to absolute transparency in invoice processes and faster execution of routine tasks. Costs then decrease, ability to provide information increases and, thanks to the efficient processing, deals are carried out faster. And valuable cash discounts are secured thanks to the efficient processing.

Advantages at a glance

Smart folder with SAP

With the smart folder, SAP processes are merged centrally and are displayed clearly in a folder structure directly in SAPGUI. In an SAP transaction, an SAP document as well as the document flow along with all other relevant documents located in the archive system are displayed for direct access.

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Securely stored – universally available

The system stores documents generated in SAP in an audit-compliant manner based on the certified ArchiveLink® SAP interface. As part of this process, meta data is extracted from SAP and automatically linked with the archived documents. This allows users to access SAP documents or allocate documents to the corresponding SAP documents even when they are not working with SAP.

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