Business Light Account – Features and Services

The following services and features you get by default with the foxdox business light account. An upgrade to the business account is possible at any time.

  • storage: 500 MB (business account: 2 GB)
  • maximum file size: 25 MB (business account: 250 MB)
  • setup and rollout by foxdox
  • access via web-browser (no software installation necessary)
  • iOS- and Android App for Smartphone and Tablet
  • PC-Synchronisation via foxdox.sync

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More reasons to work with the foxdox business light account:

  • High safety standards for your documents
    • data center in Germany – ISA27001
    • made in Germany – run in Germany
    • German Data protection at work
    • data transport layer encryption (TLS and AES-256)
    • encrypted data storage (AES 256)
    • firewall protection
  • Basic functions
    • optical caracter recognition
    • fulltext search on document content and properties
    • document preview
    • enhanced document properties
  • DMS functions
    • classify on documents
    • structures document properties
  • safe and secure file share
    • receiving documents from participating document provider organisations
    • contact management
    • unlimited e-rooms
    • secure file share (folder/documents) to a contact person
    • upload of documents into shared folders of a contact person
    • send text messages when sharing a file
    • contact group managagement
    • notification messages
    • public document links
  • Additional functions in the app
    • zoom into documents
    • open files in third party applications
    • voice recorder and share voice memo with your secretary
    • scanner connect to Fujitsu ix500 and ix100