Facts and Vision

You need to leave the trodden path to explore new ways and gain the potential to get better every day.

Sustainable, smart, innovative – the essence of what defines our software also holds true for the d.velop employees. Enthusiasm, motivation and expertise provide a solid basis for mutually satisfying, long-lasting business relationships.

Knowledge Is the Basis for Success

The d.velop Group strongly believes that the long-term success of companies and organizations of any kind decisively depends on their ability to access and share their entire technological, organizational and social know-how with ease – in the required format and anywhere internally or externally.

The ecspand ECM product line complements the d.3ecm platform by adding solutions for Microsoft SharePoint. The foxdox line, which provides document management in the cloud, represents our third product pillar.

The d.velop group

At present, the d.velop Group comprises d.velop AG as well as 11 subsidiaries and associated companies. An entrepreneurial spirit and excellent cooperation with all stakeholders are at the core of what we do at d.velop. Thanks to the regional distribution and topic-specific focus of the d.velop Group’s members, we can deliver the right answers to your document management and digitizing challenges right to your doorstep.

The global d.velop competence network comprises 250 partner companies, guaranteeing know-how and service from a single source.


Members of the d.velop group:

  • d.velop AG, Gescher
  • d.velop business services GmbH, Gescher
  • d.velop Life Sciences GmbH, Gescher
  • d.velop digital solutions GmbH, Kiel
  • codia Software GmbH, Meppen
  • d.velop ProAPE GmbH, Vreden
  • Classcon Consulting GmbH, Bocholt
  • d.velop solutions for documents GmbH, Sulzbach
  • d.velop GmbH, Vienna

Hauptgebäude d.velop Gruppe

The head office in Gescher


The story of the d.velop Group started 1992 in the German city of Gescher. And the Group’s head office, d.velop AG, is still based here.

What drives our rapid growth – with 400 employees at the head office alone, more than 600 across the Group, over 8,300 customers, and a global user base in excess of 1.9 million – is much more than mere technological leadership.

The key to success is rather founded in the enthusiasm of our employees, who keep finding new ways to digitize business processes based on smart IT applications. Another component is the d.velop competence network, an alliance of highly skilled system partners located throughout Germany and Europe. This broad network allows d.velop to provide excellent customer care both in terms of customer proximity and individual service.

d.velop treats each member like a strategic partner and fully focuses on the specific customer needs, going the extra mile to achieve the joint goal of delivering a perfect project. And d.velop never stops moving – instead, we leave the trodden path to explore new ways of looking at known challenges. The result is an abundance of innovative power and the potential to get better every day.

Facts Vorstand

Key Facts:

  • Founded in 1992
  • Founded by Thilo Gukelberger and Christoph Pliete
  • Executive Board of d.velop AG: Christoph Pliete (Chairman of the Executive Board), Mario Dönnebrink
  • The only provider that offers three product lines for consistent and comprehensive enterprise content management
  • d.3ecm delivers proven ECM functions for one-stop archiving, document management and workflow management
  • ecspand turns Microsoft SharePoint into a full-fledged ECM system
  • foxdox stands for true cloud ECM made by d.velop

Numerous solutions integrated with:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX, CRM
  • Sage bäurer
  • infor:com
  • Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, Office
  • IBM Notes/Domino
  • Leading hospital information systems
  • ISKV (statutory health insurance information systems)

The ‘Silicon Valley’ of the Münsterland Region

The innovative ‘Gescher digital campus’ concept of d.velop is certain to strengthen the Münsterland’s role as a key business location in Germany and beyond. Already, the region is home to ‘hidden champions’ as well as numerous world-leading businesses across various industries.
d.velop campus
The IT campus d.velop is establishing close to their HQ will give rise to a visionary network of IT companies settled in and around Gescher. The high IT density and proximity fostered by the campus will generate innovative, forward-looking synergies; cooperation will be more than just in spirit, thanks to the business center where creative minds of all campus companies can share and build their visions. The digital campus will offer recreational garden areas, restaurants, a fitness center and other establishments promoting health – as befits an innovative oasis for building tomorrow’s IT. Construction work has already commenced.


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