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Julia Bergerbusch, Social Pedagogue, District of Borken, Germany



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Digital procurement process in SAP

Optimize your SAP environment with d.velop software for SAP ERP.


Free yourself from the fetters of onprem storage hardware.

The d.velop cloud offers an array of services for digital documents and the digitization of business processes


ECM – sustainable. smart. innovative.

The d.velop Group strongly believes that the long-term success of companies and organizations of any kind decisively depends on their ability to access and share their entire technological, organizational and social know-how with ease – in the required format and anywhere internally or externally.

As a leading provider of enterprise content management solutions, we offer our customers tools for the comprehensive and proactive digitizing of all document and business processes as well as industry-specific specialist procedures: for sustainable, smart and innovative corporate workflows.

One Promise – Three Products

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Scalable ECM Platform

d.3ecm is the central repository for all information and documents. As such, it ensures long-term availability of all data and provides a digital record structure for at-a-glance transparency. The d.3ecm solution further delivers digital workflows that automatically supply all relevant parties with tasks and information.

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ECM for Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint provides a powerful platform for teamworking. ecspand builds on Microsoft SharePoint Server to provide a multitude of options for interactive document processing. ecspand extends the Microsoft SharePoint function range, turning it into a full-fledged ECM platform.

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Documents in the Cloud

foxdox is a best-of-breed cloud application for secure, digital document delivery and sharing all the way to the private end customer. Foxdox provides the technology for a common, secure communication platform based on consistently digital document processes.

Enterprise Content Management – How It Works:


1. Consistent Digitizing

To make ECM possible, all document, information and processes need to be digitized. This sustainably reduces all costs associated with information transport, distribution and processing, while significantly increasing employee productivity.


  • Scanning
  • Automatic information capture
  • Document type and content recognition

2. Digital File Folders and Flexible Archiving

  • Digital file folders
  • Audit capable and legally compliant
  • Digital archive
  • Long-term certification and availability

Paper-based documents, drawings, images, accounting documents, e-mails etc. first need to be converted into digital records and archived centrally to make all documents and information available to all employees, resulting in more transparent and traceable workflows across the company.

Digital file folders

3. Automated Processes and Specialist Procedures

Enterprise content management automates your information flows and makes your company’s entire specialist, organizational and social know-how available both internally and externally around the clock and in the required format.

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