Digital dossiers

Digital dossiers combine documents and files (e.g. photos, films) that, by virtue of their function, belong together. As a result, you can find all the information you need in a customer order dossier, a purchase order dossier, a personnel dossier, a contract dossier, or in case dossiers for insured persons. Additionally, there are also project or asset dossiers of various types (buildings, vehicles, machines, etc.).

You can use the d.3 dossier scheme to configure your digital dossiers as a company-wide content model which you can then fine tune according to your organization’s needs. Additional metadata can be added to dossiers and documents, e.g. customer order or personnel numbers, receipt dates, or the customer’s name. Simply drag and drop your email onto the case dossier and the metadata will be populated automatically; all you need to do is confirm it.

Documents can be linked to any number of dossiers in the d.3 ECM suite without storing multiple physical copies of those documents. Digital dossiers offer their maximum benefit when they are kept up to date with all of the necessary information. That is why we ensure that is as easy as possible to add documents to a dossier.

Having this plethora of information readily available in digital dossiers does not mean that all of that information is necessarily intended for all users. You can use the authorization concept to specify exactly which users can access critical documents. Granular access rights ensure that only one copy of a document needs to be stored (rather than storing multiple copies for different user groups).

We have preconfigured structures and dossier solutions available to suit your organization’s needs. Use our experience to kick start your first project.