My new workplace!

Trends such as cloud computing, social networks, or the mobile workplace constantly change our expectations and create new challenges. Versatility is a key success factor for businesses and organizations. Achieving it will require the comprehensive digitization of business processes and administrative procedures. d.3ecm ensures that your organization’s technical, organizational and social knowledge base is readily available 24/7. Access that knowledge via multiple channels and use it in numerous, creative ways. d.3ecm version 8 is designed to put your needs front and center.

Highlights of the new version

Google inspired search

Find your documents more quickly using the single search field.

Faceted search

Facets are a comfortable and quick way of narrowing down the set of a search’s results. Facets are automatically generated search criteria based on the attributes of an object.

Modern user interface

The software design is more appealing and manageable through intuitive interfaces, including context-sensitive menus.

Quickly accessible company knowledge

Archive documents more easily with the drop zone’s drag-and-drop functionality.

Delegate administrative tasks

Assign designated aspects of d.3 system administration to sub-administrators.

Easily import configurations

Use the transport system to simplify system administration and import changes at any time.

Monitor document status

Use the activities stream to stay up to date on changes to documents.

Stay up to date

Simplify business processes and optimize process chains using modern technology. With d.3ecm version 8.

“Our goal was to be able to be edit and share our documents anywhere and anytime. d.3ecm version 8 works like a charm.“

Thomas Kloster,

Municipal administration Greven

User-based licensing

d.3ecm version 8 puts your benefit front and center. Introduce greater productivity, flexibility, and above all security into day-to-day handling of business documents. To achieve this, we revised the d.3ecm user concept and adapted it to three typical types of user.

d.3ecm user licenses

d.velop offers different license types for the d.3ecm system that are based on your employees’ needs.

Depending on the functions they require, you can choose the license type user S, user M or user L.
The d.3ecm user S is intended for occasional users, such as stock room employees or service technicians.

The d.3ecm user M is intended for regular users, such as accounting clerks.

The d.3ecm user L is intended for power users, such as sales representatives.

This differentiation in license types ensures that you can tailor your license base to the functionality actually required by your users.

Advantages at a glance

  • Simplified use of your ECM system based on your users’ requirements
  • Keep an eye on the costs of your ECM system
  • Expand the functionality of your d.3ecm system
  • Workflow components and d.3one are included automatically
  • Work where it suits you best – thanks to mobile access

You are not using d.3ecm yet?

Are you looking for a document management system that will effectively optimize your document-based business and decision-making processes? Look no further: d.3ecm offers you a solution tailored to your specific industry, company and department. It is the centralized, user-friendly information hub for digitizing analog processes and restructuring and steering those processes so as to deliver information when and where it is needed – in the office or on the move.

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Are you already a d.3ecm user?

You are already familiar with the advantages of your d.3ecm system, but are still using an older version?d.velop has further evolved the new version across multiple levels. You can expect a consistently improved user experience, a further simplification of the system administration, as well as an improvementin system performance. Take an effective step to ensure greater productivity, flexibility and security for your company.

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  • Are there any interdependencies I need to keep in mind when upgrading to version 8?

    There are some interdependencies that should be observed to guarantee an optimal upgrade of your document management system. We have put those together in a checklist. Should you still have questions regarding your system, feel free to contact us.

  • What are the steps in the update scenario?

    In the first step, the d.3ecm server is updated once the required components have been identified and the version check is completed. The duration of the scenario depends on the size of your system. The system is available for productive use immediately after the update. The individual documents will then be updated asynchronously. That means that whenever a document is needed ad-hoc, it will be converted to the new version.

  • Can I switch to d.3ecm user during an update?

    It goes without saying that you can change your license model during an update to version 8. In fact, it’s the perfect time to do so. In doing so, you ensure that your colleagues have the licenses they need while getting access to the latest version of the software.

  • What are the costs for an update to d.3ecm version 8?

    The costs vary from system to system. The best option is to contact your sales partner in the d.velop competence network or to fill out the contact form. This will guarantee that you receive a customized quotation fitted to your specific needs. Get in touch now.Get in touch now.

OnPrem, hybrid or cloud — as you require

Excited about version 8 and planning your update? Which deployment scenario is right for you? You may well be contemplating whether to keep your system on premises or not. Many of our customers have asked themselves the exact same question. Apart from the classic onprem scenario, you can chose to outsource your storage, or switch directly to d.velop cloud.