Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint

Have you established SharePoint as a platform for information management, intranet and collaboration and are you also using Dynamics AX or NAV as an ERP system? If both systems play a critical role in the success of your business, you should start integrating these two environments.

Microsoft Dynamics

The challenge for you

Do you want to bring people and information together with ERP processes? ecspand supplies content and documents from ERP systems to SharePoint and vice versa, making it the perfect addition to Dynamics AX/NAV. Users can also choose where they work: in the ERP system, in SharePoint or in both environments.

Working with ecspand
ecspand lets you enhance SharePoint with an intelligent information architecture based around your business objects and supplies information and documents in the form of structures and processes. Documents from your ERP system are automatically transferred to and integrated with SharePoint.

That lets you find customer orders, contractual dossiers or quotation and order documents again easily in both SharePoint and Dynamics AX/NAV and process them together with your colleagues. The transparency gained makes cross-departmental and cross-location collaboration much easier and saves valuable time and money—resources that you can deploy sensibly elsewhere.


The benefit to you

Native integration
Access information in real time, consolidate data and link documents to their corresponding business objects and processes. Thanks to deep integration, you do not have to leave your Dynamics system to open a SharePoint workflow or research documents, for instance.

Simple storage
Documents created in Dynamics AX/NAV are stored and transferred fully automatically when you print or post them. You can also store additional documents directly on the ERP interface easily using drag & drop. Ensure that legally stipulated retention periods are complied with and prevent documents from being altered with our certified interfaces.

Easy research
The ecspand search does not just show you your desired document, but the entire corresponding case. All the contextual information can be accessed immediately and processed further—whether you are in SharePoint or Dynamics AX/NAV.

Greater user satisfaction
Users work with familiar Microsoft interfaces, saving the expenses involved in training or re-training. You can also make ERP master data, process information and documents available to non-ERP users in real time, achieving greater transparency in doing so (e.g. supplier portals, project pages, and so on).

Improved collaboration
Use SharePoint to enhance your Dynamics system by integrating employees, customers or business partners into important processes (for instance, translations of technical data sheets, vendor self-assessments, and so on).

Reduce your costs
Fully pre-configured structures and Dynamics configurations (for customers, suppliers, personnel, products, etc.) let you get to work on your project quickly and are ready to use immediately.

Focused on user needs

  • We give you optimum access to your system. We bring you on the simplest route to your required information every time.
  • All your information, data and objects are managed and organised centrally and can be found again using our in-depth search features.
  • Bidirectional interface for exchanging documents, (master) data or process information, including cross-application workflows.
  • ecspand manages your documents regardless of whether they are created in Dynamics, uploaded through attachment lists, added from Outlook using drag & drop or managed in SharePoint. Upon request, they can also be archived in compliance with auditing requirements.

ecspand link for dynamics connects Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint and forms the basis for your applications: it links data, documents and processes and provides access to all your Dynamics objects through the supplied function modules while taking the applicable Dynamics authorisations into account. That lets you create ambitious solutions such as HR, project or supplier management systems quickly and easily.
Utilise the benefits of ecspand and make SharePoint the platform for your business applications!

Your benefits:

  • Bi-directional integration options between Dynamics AX/NAV and SharePoint
  • Manage information in SharePoint in the context of Dynamics objects and processes
  • Automatic dossier generation
  • Unlock SharePoint as a platform for information management and collaboration
  • Work in familiar environments
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Find information again with ease using the intelligent search function
  • Develop SharePoint into a comprehensive compliance platform
  • Templates for standard scenarios such as customer and supplier processes, project development or HR management
  • Fast installation and configuration

Enhance ecspand Dynamics integration with the following solutions:

Scanning and classification

Invoice processing

Contract management