foxdox for business

foxdox is a convenient, scalable solution for storing, managing and processing documents, media and other content. It empowers all employees to collaborate among each other and with partners both simply and securely.

Embrace digital change with foxdox.

foxdox provides your company with a secure infrastructure for document storage and exchange. This specifically includes legally compliant, securely encrypted transfer and archiving of any document types across the company and beyond.



Cloud-based file sharing – simple and secure.

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Effective document communication is becoming an ever more decisive key to the success of internal and external projects. At the same time, demanding data protection requirements must be observed.

File Sharing Made in Germany

Work in a manner familiar from the private sphere. Share folders and files in virtual workspaces. foxdox Corporate Accounts keep your business files safe. All team members can access up-to-date information at any time. You can also share objects and documents across company boundaries as simple as clicking a link, regardless of how large the file is.

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Provide digital document services.

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Optimize the way you exchange documents with your business partners, team members, suppliers and customers. As a foxdox provider, you can make digital documents available to your communication partners in the simplest manner.

Digitization Is the Key

Public administrations and private companies are under increasing pressure to digitally map their business processes and execute them as cost-effectively as possible. To succeed in this endeavor, they need to digitize manual, previously paper-based processes and implement a seamless transportation mechanism.

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Document storage in the cloud for small businesses.

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foxdox Business DMS provides you with a completely secure cloud archive for your business documents.

Working in a Familiar Environment

Place your documents and files in the data management system with ease and arrange data based on folders and properties. Better yet, you can perform all tasks in your familiar Windows environment – and leave the rest to the automatic foxdox sync function. Improve your business processes and free up time and resources you can dedicate to your core business.

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What is foxdox?

  • Online platform for your documents

    foxdox offers numerous options for handling documents, such as file sharing, digital mail (delivery and receipt), secure document management and more.

  • Everything is digital and online

    foxdox helps you get rid of paper-based processes – both in the office and at home. More

  • Data storage in Germany

    Your documents are yours alone. This is why we entrust your data exclusively to a German data center. More

  • Google-like search

    Structured filing in folders is good. But in many cases, Google-type search functionality is better. foxdox delivers both!

Any Questions?

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