Data Storage in Germany

For us, trust, reliability and security come first, and all of our actions are based on these core principles. For you, this means that your data will be protected by German data privacy and data security provisions, and you can rest assured that you will retain all ownership rights to the documents you store using foxdox. Companies can thus rely on our platform for compliant business workflows. This is not a given – just have a look at other providers, in particular many well-known U.S. companies.

foxdox is operated by d.velop business services GmbH – a wholly owned subsidiary of d.velop AG. d.velop AG is an owner-managed company founded in the German Münsterland region. The foxdox platform’s infrastructure is located in a German data center and is operated by a German company, Pironet NDH, a subsidiary of the German CANCOM Group.

Many companies in Germany appreciate German data security regulations, excellent business know-how of their suppliers and software solutions that integrate with their workflows. The foxdox product family addresses these demands and provides the right basis for cooperative customer relations built on trust:

requirements foxdox

Our data center meets at least the following criteria:

  • Server locations are operated exclusively on German territory, so German data privacy and data security provisions apply
  • Data is stored redundantly to prevent data loss
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • Highly secure firewall systems

The foxdox platform itself offers the following features, among others:

  • Access always takes place via encrypted connections (TLS).
  • Every document is stored in encrypted format – according to the latest industry standard based on AES-256-bit technology. Documents can be decrypted temporarily for previews and full-text searching.
  • If required, any document can be further encrypted using a personal key (public/private key procedure combining AES-256-bit and RSA-4096-bit). This type of encryption exceeds the current industry standard. Documents stored in this manner cannot be temporarily decrypted by the foxdox system – which is why no preview is possible for these documents and they are ignored during searches.