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Document storage in the cloud for small businesses

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Fast, Simple and Transparent

foxdox Business DMS provides you with a completely secure cloud archive for your business documents. Place your documents and files into the data management system with ease and arrange data using folders and properties. Better yet, you can perform all tasks in your familiar Windows environment – and leave the rest to the automatic foxdox sync function.

foxdox makes all documents available around the clock. This will also please your tax consultant, whom you can provide with all relevant information at the end of the business year with ease – of course using foxdox!


  • No paper processes and filing expenditures
  • Work in a familiar environment thanks to the foxdox sync Windows client
  • Audit-compliant document management as an option
  • No big initial investment, but consumption-based fees
  • Anytime, anywhere access to key documents

Our Customers Use foxdox – dms in the Following Areas:

  • Audit-compliant storage of electronic invoices
  • Document filing and management
  • Exchange documents with clients
  • Exchange information with tax consultants
  • Online DMS for craftsmen

Rates and Terms

Business Light Account

Give the foxdox Business DMS a free test spin – using our Business Light Account. Certain limitations apply when using the functions.

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  • free of charge
  • 500 MB storage space
  • maximum file size: 25 MB

More Features and Services

Business DMS

Get started with foxdox dms right away and manage your documents securely in the cloud. Simply upload and store documents. And get right back to your actual business.

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  • starting from 25€ per month
  • 10 GB storage
  • maximum file size: 250 MB (more on request)
  • business account inclusive

More Features and Services

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