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Digitization is on the rise, and the media industry is no exception. This is quite an understatement; in fact, this trend has had a tremendous impact on media over the last few years. So how exactly is digitization shaping and changing this industry? What are the key success factors?

Let’s first take a look at the supply side: Digitization has empowered media companies in many aspects, first and foremost by allowing them to readily create digital products based on their existing offering. Printed books become e-books, TV content is turned into motion pictures on the Web, etc. Digital business makes up a large share of the present-day media business. Administrative workflows benefit as well: Digital technologies simplify and accelerate system automation and central archiving of all relevant information associated with all internal and external corporate processes.

Hello digital solutions – good-bye analog problems!

The EMC solutions from d.velop take care of core tasks including data capture, management, storage, retention and provision of all analog and digital documents and content; they also ensure that all information can be distributed, viewed and checked anywhere at any time, thus facilitating fast and smooth organizational workflows.

Above and beyond that, d.velop brings added transparency, ensures that payment deadlines etc. are met, helps to secure valuable discounts and supports the timely preparation of monthly statements. You benefit from optimized corporate liquidity planning. Digital archiving furthermore reduces susceptibility to errors and speeds up throughput times, thus making it much easier for your employees to carry out routine tasks.

Not only does this help to save space, it also improves your entire company’s ability to leverage corporate information while improving your understanding of your customers, which generates significant revenue and cost benefits. As a result, your company stands to gain additional market momentum and improve its competitive edge.


The following companies, among many others, trust in our solutions:

  • Medien Systempartner
  • Gruner + Jahr
  • Funke Medien Gruppe

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