Digital Personnel Record

The digital personnel record made by d.velop: Confidential. Secure. Always available.

How does the digital personnel record from d.velop work, and how can you benefit from it?

Improved Usability. Reduced Costs.

The digital personnel record from d.velop digitizes key workflows and automates your personnel processes, resulting in significant transparency gains.

The solution manages all relevant tasks, from application papers and employment contracts through to holiday requests and notifications of illness. This delivers greatly accelerated HR process handling, introduces a high level of transparency, and speeds up the users’ ability to respond. Furthermore, an individually configurable access rights scheme ensures that only authorized persons gain access to personnel documents.

All of this allows you to maintain a consistent and up-to-date document pool that can be rapidly accessed by authorized staff. More importantly, it also prevents loss of data, thwarts any kind of manipulation and helps you to dramatically reduce administration costs while making routine tasks much easier to handle for your employees.

Digitale Personalakte_device

Comprehensive and Legally Compliant

Put an end to overflowing filing cabinets and chaotic document collections.

The digital personnel record from d.velop delivers workflow-driven automation of all HR-related processes and helps to unclutter your database landscape by centrally archiving all scanned documents – from contracts through to notifications of illness. It precisely maps your existing filing structures in the digital record plan, provides convenient record access, including useful search options, and even detects misplaced records in a snap.

You benefit from a consistent environment, data confidentiality and transparent processes. Better yet, all retention periods, legal data privacy regulations and archiving obligations, including deletion deadlines prescribed by law, such as DPdU, GoB or SOX, are automatically observed in a legally compliant manner.

An automatic reminder function moreover ensures that no task or process step is ever missed again.

Despite its vast range of powerful features, the digital personnel record from d.velop is highly user friendly, thus facilitating speedy operation. Last but not least, smart search functions make it easy to find any detail in any record within seconds, even years after it was placed in the archive.

And if all of this is not enough for you, you can expand the function range of the digital personnel record in a modular and individual fashion by combining the application with additional d.velop solutions, such as electronic contract management.

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Built on Rock-Solid Technology

The powerful features of the digital personnel record from d.velop rest on a strong technological foundation: The clearly structured, intuitive and low-maintenance user interface is highly standardised yet allows you to flexibly customize it according to your needs.

Among other features, it offers secure 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption, full-text indexing of all documents, a clear and secure authorization scheme and temporary access permission at a single click of the mouse.

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