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Upload e-mails und documents easily in Microsoft SharePoint!

Clear storage and transparent processes with Microsoft SharePoint as the central repository.

Prevent chaos. Increase productivity.

Use Microsoft SharePoint as your central repository for e-mails und documents.
Direct and transparent availability of information discernibly increases productivity.

Allocating documents and business processes and making them available to colleagues and management can be done quickly and easily with the ecspand sidebar.
The ecspand sidebar supports process-centered storage of data and emails in Microsoft SharePoint. Using the ecspand sidebar, you can quickly store data from Microsoft Office and Windows and save it with contextual information derived from the data.

seamlessly. integrated.

Using the ecspand sidebar you can store individual documents or entire folders in SharePoint – directly from your desktop or from your web browser. E-mails, including attachments, from Microsoft Outlook can also easily be saved in SharePoint. With drag & drop you can gather documents – offers or orders, for example – and store them in a work process in SharePoint. Documents are automatically saved with information gathered from the data such as the file name, sender or creator. You can customize these individual attributes. The ecspand sidebar will then use the attributes automatically for all documents in the same storage process.

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This is how it works

The ecspand sidebar gives you full access to documents in your business applications in SharePoint. Regardless if you use Microsoft Outlook, Excel or PowerPoint, the ecspand sidebar seamlessly integrates your everyday workflow
and allows multiple project participants to work on a document at the same time. Newly created documents, or those that still need to be worked on, can be saved in Microsoft SharePoint without having to close or leave the respective application. When saving a document in Excel, Word or PowerPoint (context menu), it is uploaded directly to SharePoint with metadata and then reopened on the server. That way you work directly on the latest version at all times.

ecspand sidebar

Learn more about how to accelerate the work processes in your company using the ecspand sidebar. You’ll find more information in our product brochure:

ecspand sidebar

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