Electronic Record

The benefits of electronic records are plain to see.

Electronic records from d.velop simplify daily workflows in public administrations.


Electronic Records for the Public Sector

d.velop electronic records make it easy to comply with the eGovernment Act (EGovG). The electronic record from d.velop is a standardized solution for professional, digital record handling. It is based on d.velop’s proven document management system certified according to DOMEA 2.0 – the precursor of the German ‘Organisationskonzept elektronische Verwaltungsarbeit’ standard for electronic administrative procedures.


Electronic Records Provide a Platform for Efficient Electronic Case Processing and Collaboration

electronic record

The electronic record acts as a central repository for all information generated during the course of an administrative process. Electronic case processing uses the e-record as a source of information and distributes the data to the relevant processor precisely when needed.
Tasks arising during the procedure that need to be processed by internal or external colleagues are easily generated as part of electronic case processing. If anything is unclear or must be discussed, this can be done quickly via a chat function. This is true e-collaboration made possible by d.velop.

Electronic Records Made by d.velop Seamlessly Integrate with Departmental Procedures

Any authorized user can search electronic records from any workstation directly from within the corresponding specialist application. The desired record including all associated documents is immediately available at the processor’s screen. Users are provided with useful key data of the record, much like information on a record cover, even before opening the document. Naturally, documents created as part of administrative procedures are automatically allocated to the relevant electronic record.

Both public servants and citizes stand to gain, because the electronic record allows processors to

  • access information faster and easier.
  • provide citizens with accurate information.
  • work in a seamless environment throughout the agency.

Electronic Records Adopt the Established Record Structure

The electronic record adopts the record structure used by public administrations. As a result, the records contain all required documents relevant to a case. Document filing and search procedures are practically the same as used with physical records, so clerks can apply familiar workflows. The key difference is that they do not need to go to dusty archives cluttered with filing cabinets; instead, they can call up any required document right at their digital workstation in a matter of seconds. In short, there is no need to get used to new conventions or filing systems, while processing becomes much faster, more efficient and simple with the electronic record.

The operating principle of the electronic record is very straightforward: All documents that enter the administration are directly strored in the central electronic archive (in the case of e-mails or documents created in a tool such as a word processor) or after they have been scanned (paper-based documents).

e-Akte_device Aktenplan

Security No Filing Cabinet Can Offer


Working with electronic records is not only faster and more convenient but also much more secure than handling hardcopies in heavy ring binders, whose only protection against unauthorized access or theft is a filing cabinet with a lock. A sophisticated, granular access rights scheme ensures that only authorized staff can view and edit archived records. When dealing with sensitive data, digital record keeping is of particular help in safeguarding data and meeting legal retention provisions.

Conforms with TR-ESOR and TR-RESICAN.

As a matter of course, the digital archive component of the d.velop systems meets the EGovG requirements for compliant long-term document retention as well as the TR-ESOR guidelines for keeping evidence records in the form of electronically signed documents. This includes TR-RESICAN-compliant digitizing of paper-based documents to ensure secure, replacing scanning. Owing to these features, the d.velop system provides the basis for destroying the paper-based original documents, thus saving the need for costly storage in a physical archive.

Electronic Records Managed Using d.velop Systems Are Certain to Meet the Needs of Your IT Strategy

Regardless of your IT strategy, d.velop electronic records will win over

your processors: since electronic records designed by d.velop are simply well structured and easy to use.

your IT department: since d.velop systems are installed in a snap and easy to manage.

You use Microsoft SharePoint as a strategic platform? In this case, electronic records delivered by our ecspand for SharePoint product line perfectly complement your IT landscape. ecspand for SharePoint addresses the many communication and collaboration features of the SharePoint server by adding innovative components for legally compliant document administration and long-term archiving, for scanning paper-based documents and for shaping and streamlining digital workflows.

You are looking for applications to complement and expand your Microsoft Windows environment? If this is the case, electronic records based on our d.3 system are the answer. They bring simplicity and speed to all of your document workflows, thus reducing access times and making information available in the required format around the clock. The d.velop electronic records map administrative as well as case records, so they are perfectly suited to all workflows utilized in public administrations.


Implement the eGovernment Law with Ease

Electronic records from d.velop make the switch to electronic record keeping as simple as can be

The new eGovernment Act (EGovG) requires German federal agencies to switch over to electronic record keeping by 1 Jan. 2020 at the latest. EGovG underscores the commitment to digital administration and will help to further improve and simplify electronic communication between citizens and public agencies. Now is the right time to launch the relevant eGovernment projects in order to successfully fulfil the various provisions by 2020.

We help you achieve this goal. Our teams have implemented numerous projects for the public sector. Benefit from this experience and transform previously analog workflows into seamless, digital processes.

We are happy to get together with you to jointly discuss and plan the implementation of electronic records and other d.velop productivity solutions that help you make eGovernment happen in your agency.

You have further questions?

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