Mobile ECM

Mobile ECM – Stay in the loop, even while on the road.

When it comes to business-critical decisions, you need to stay up to date and involved in the process, no matter whether you are at your desk or on the road. Just have your smartphone or tablet PCs act as your mobile office and stay informed about what’s happening in your company – wherever you are.

Access. Search. Check. Decide.

The mobile components of the cutting-edge and powerful companywide ECM solution from d.velop are at the core of this 24/7, 360-degree information hub. ECM seamlessly bundles all information relevant to your business activities, while the mobile ECM ensures that you stay in the loop and can access all digital documents at any time.

This puts records and workflows right at your fingertips and allows you to rapidly upload documents or search for important information. Check requests or invoices and release them with a single click.

Requests such as holiday leaves are delivered via push messages so you can approve or decline them. This ensures that you are able to respond quickly to urgent requests, thus helping your colleagues stay up to date while you yourself can keep constant tabs on important business processes.

Let’s assume there are documents on your smartphone or tablet you need to share with your colleagues. Mobile ECM allows you to take information from other apps and directly store it to the central d.velop ECM.


Right Here, Right Now – 100% Connected

The mobile ECM solution from d.velop caters to the needs of managers, sales representatives, service providers and account or project managers – in short, anyone who wants or needs to be able to access corporate documents and participate in workflow-driven business processes with a mobile device.

Offers, correspondence, e-mails, memos, tables, drawings or incoming and outbound invoices: With mobile ECM, you’re always in touch with key information, allowing you to act right away without losing any precious time.

Release invoices delivered straight to your mobile phone via the incoming invoice workflow. Take a photo of urgent memos or receipts and make them available in a digital record to kick off the relevant process. Stay informed about new items in your mailbox via push message.

Communicate with colleagues, customers or business partners at the push of a button. Or send your request for holiday leave to your manager right from your smartphone. Working has never been faster, simpler or more flexible and efficient.

Mobile ECM_device

Secure. Centralized. Up to Date.

With mobile ECM from d.velop, you gain access to the central d.velop ECM via a secure VPN or SSL connection. Mobile ECM for smartphones and tablets can be configured centrally and then distributed via mobile device management.

Whatever your device of choice – iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone – mobile ECM from d.velop supports all common mobile platforms.

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