Mobile Working

Access business information anywhere – ECM for the road!

Your job keeps you on the road, so you are handling more and more tasks on the go? Mobile ECM components and cloud-based ECM turn your smartphone, tablet PC or Internet browser into a full-fledged office.


Mobile Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Make decisions even when you are not at the office!

Don’t just rely on your gut when you make business decisions – instead, base your actions on relevant corporate information. Offers, correspondence, e-mails, memos, tables, drawings or incoming and outbound invoices: With ECM from d.velop, you’ll always be in touch with all key information. Anytime, anywhere, in a user-friendly and secure manner.

It’s Not a Trend, It’s the New Standard

Mobile ECM empowers you to check documents, requests or invoices on the go and release them right then and there. The solution also keeps you up to date on what’s going on in the company at all times.

The mobile ECM solution caters to the needs of managers, sales representatives, service providers and account or project managers – in short, anyone who needs to be able to access corporate documents and participate in workflow-driven business processes, including invoice release or holiday leave request processing, using a mobile device. After all, some decisions simply have to be made right away.

Mobiles Arbeiten_device

This is how you benefit from mobile ECM:

  • Ability to instantly respond to requests while on the go.
  • Perform mobile searches in the central information system.
  • Start/participate in workflows via smartphone or tablet PC.
  • Intuitive document viewing.
  • Store information directly from mobile applications.

Enterprise Content Management in the Cloud

Today’s customers expect convenient, digital access to all documents and information.

Cloud ECM from d.velop provides you with an innovative tool for 21st-century document communication as well as efficient, seamless business processes. It ensures that your customers reliably receive documents and allows them to implement their own document management and archiving scheme.

Properly connect with your business partners.

Efficient electronic document communication is the key to successful business relationships. Cloud ECM meets all associated demands by providing a shared, secure communication platform. Exchange documents in a seamless, digital manner with anyone from suppliers through to customers. Smart cloud ECM provides all parties involved with the same level of information on any business activity.

This is how you benefit from employing cloud ECM:

  • Reduced costs and improved efficiency thanks to automated processes.
  • Highly secure document exchange based on extended encryption mechanisms.
  • Seamless digital document processes – all the way to the end customer.
  • Establishment of an innovative communication channel.
  • Secure document archiving.
  • Increased customer reach.

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